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Favourite Finds: Stationery Heaven for the Stationery Lover.

Are you obsessed with stationery?  Would you call yourself a stationery lover?

If so, welcome to stationery heaven.  I have found 10 gorgeous stationery shops online and I can’t wait to share them with you.

10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers. See our shopping directory and blog at

10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers.


Journals, planners, notebooks, list books, beautiful cards, gorgeous prints etc. etc.  Need I say more?!

If it is made of paper and looks gorgeous I want it.


I have found 10 independent online shops that all sell gorgeous stationery.

1.aabe creative

I think Anna, the owner, and oh so clever creative brains behind this wonderful shop, is actually more in love with stationery than I am.  Which is why she has created these amazing planners and notebooks.  aabe creative design and make all their own stationery and many can be personalised.  They are all such a good price too.

I particularly love the little videos they have on the site to show you exactly what is in the planner.  I was going to try and list out all the different planners and notebooks they do but they have such a wide range that would be a little tricky.  Take a look you will be pleased you did.


2. Betsy Jarvis

This shop has a really unique range of notebooks and cards.  The designs are based on simple clean graphics and typography.  Plus they can be personalised, which makes them perfect as a thoughtful gift.  I particularly love the “the beautiful thoughts of a beautiful mind” notebook.  I can think of so many people this would be suitable for.


3. 2 Little Boys

This is an absolutely must see shop.  Their range of products is amazing.  Notebooks, journals, activity books, favours, gifts, keepsakes, yearbooks, guest books, cards and lots of other gorgeous paper products.  All designed by Sarah who started to create her wonderful products back in 2002.  Sarah is mum to triplets who inspired the creation of her first products.  From then the range has grown so much.  Featured here is the “I am going to…” range.


10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers. See our shopping directory and blog at

10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers.

4. Busy B

A beautiful way to be organised.  Busy B was started in 1997 after an inspiring trip around Australia in an old VW camper van.  All products are created with the aim of making family life simpler, better organised and more beautiful.  Gorgeous designs and really useful!!  Perfect!!  Such a large range of everything stationery.


5. Brook Street Notes

It was the sports & fitness notebooks and journals that first got my attention from this store.  For notebooks and journals designed to maximise each day, task and life.  I love them.  Wish simple and stylish designs that will appeal to both ladies and gents they really are a good find.  Plus the flag notebooks will really appeal to those who love where they come from.  Pen and paper is so much better than the keyboard, especially with the right journal.


6. Mum’s Office

Not just for mums!  But it is mostly for mums.  This is a great shop for diaries and planners.  Anything to help organise family life.  However, their products don’t stop there.  They also have a collection of very smart notebooks, academic diaries and keepsake journals.  All useful, all beautiful.  Mum’s Office was created by mum of 4, Emma Fletcher, in 2006 when life became increasingly busy as a mum.  She knew exactly what she needed to keep organised and so created it, Mum’s Diary.  Perfect for helping to keep a family organised.


10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers. See our shopping directory and blog at

10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers.

7. Sukie

Who else keeps a journal when they go on holiday?  Such a fab way to keep memories of your travels.  I believe I have found the perfect travel journal, and it can be personalised too.  Sukie make a range of cards, notebooks, journals, prints, accessories and people pencils!!  All created by the husband and wife team, Darrell and Julia.  Sukie started when Darrell created rescued paper notebooks for his own use.  But when Habitat spotted them at Darrell’s art exhibition, they wanted them in their shops.  From there their range has grown.


8. Martha Brook

Martha Brook make delightful personalised stationery with a personal touch.  All gorgeous.  Martha began her shop in 2013, her aim being to surprise and delight with creative stationery.  I think she has certainly achieved that.  Featured here is the personalised time to shine rose gold hardback notebook. Such a wonderful range of notebooks, journals, diaries, cards, keepsake books and I really like the “boxes of love”.


9. Jeeves & Co

I have absolutely no idea why, but I love unicorns!  Which is how I came across Jeeves & Co.  They sell a very magical weekly desk planner with an oh so adorable unicorn design.  A great way to plan your week.  But they aren’t just about unicorns.  This store is owned by award winning graphic designer Pippa Geaves who has created a lovely range of stationery, all with playful designs.  Pippa sells prints, writing paper, wedding stationery, notebooks, notepads and planners.  Lots of personalisation available too.


10. kikki.K

Kikki is the owner of this wonderful shop and self confessed stationery lover.  Her shop sells a vast range of stationery items.  Whatever you need stationery wise, this store has it.  Kikki started this shop when she was looking for products to setup her home office and couldn’t find anything beautiful enough.  This shop truly has got an inspiring range of products.  Their range of leather planners has caught my eye, but I really am spoilt for choice.


10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers. See our shopping directory and blog at

10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers.


As well as these recent Fabulous Finds, there are 2 great shops in my shopping directory selling some gorgeous and useful notebooks, journals, planners, memory books and keepsakes.


from you to me have a wide range of journals perfect for capturing cherished moments, recording important moments in your life, personalised notebooks and thought provoking journals.  I love them all and such thoughtful gifts.  Really worth checking out.


Unique Planners by Pirongs make personalised planners.  Personalised inside and out.  You can choose and design the cover, and you can choose what pages go into it.  So many brilliant page designs to choose from.  I love these planners and I am sure you will too.


10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers. See our shopping directory and blog at

10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers.


I really hope you have loved this weeks Fabulous Finds.  I feel very spoilt for choice as they are all so lovely and so tempting.  Time to get my next stationery haul!!  What about you?


I have enjoyed finding these shops.  It is always a pleasure to tell you about these wonderful UK based independent shops.

Did you like my collection of stationery and the unique shops?  I would love to know what you think or if you know of any shops to add to this list.  Please feel free to add you comments, I will read them.

Happy browsing…and shopping!


There are lots more Fabulous Finds to come. For future inspiration I will be happy to send you a little note to let you know when the next one has been created.


10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers. See our shopping directory and blog at

10 Unique Shops for Stationery Lovers. See our shopping directory and blog at

Please be aware. All opinions in this blog post are mine. At the time of writing I have not received any payment or free samples from the shops mentioned. Though I mention lots of shops here, you must form your own opinion as to whether their products are for you.

I aim to include only independently owned shops.  Sometimes it is tricky to work out if they are.  So, as far as I can tell, they are independently owned, but apologies if the odd one that is not slips into my blog post….they hide it well.

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