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Pen Pusher – online stationery shop.

Welcome to the new home for sustainable stationery and creative pens for hand lettering and calligraphy.

At Pen Pusher we share your love for stationery and have hand-picked some of the best independent UK brands for eco-friendly notebooks. We stock vegan journals, recycled pens and pencils, and sustainably sourced deskpads, notebooks, diaries and more

We launched with the simple aim to inspire and delight pen addicts everywhere, so alongside a growing selection of creative pens and calligraphy kits, you’ll find inspiration and step-by-step videos to help build lettering skills and try new calligraphy techniques.

Whether you’re looking for inspiring pens and beautiful stationery for yourself, or gifts for that special someone, we have a broad range of products that are sure to delight.


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Pen Pusher 100% recycled notebook
100% recycled notebook


Made from 100% recycled paper, this lined A5 notebook is a good sustainable stationery choice

Pen Pusher Recycled leather journal – 6 colours available
Recycled leather journal – 6 colours available


These bright journals mix plain and lined paper, giving you the freedom to express your heart

Pen Pusher Recycled Vegan-Friendly Notebooks
Recycled Vegan-Friendly Notebooks


Made with recycled covers, sustainably sourced paper and vegan-friendly inks

Pen Pusher Metallic Watercolour Paint Sets
Metallic Watercolour Paint Sets

Bring a metallic sparkle to art projects or use these beautiful colours as calligraphy ink

Pen Pusher Nolki Modern A5 notebook
Nolki Modern A5 notebook


Bring a splash of modern art to your note taking

Pen Pusher A5 Notebooks & To Do Lists
A5 Notebooks & To Do Lists


Available in black & yellow, these smart notebooks are a daily reminder to get **it done

Pen Pusher Smooth-Writing Fountain Pens in a Range of Colours
Smooth-Writing Fountain Pens in a Range of Colours


These quality fountain pens write beautifully smoothly and come in Fine and Medium nib sizes

Pen Pusher Metallic Brush Marker Pen Gift Set
Metallic Brush Marker Pen Gift Set


This set of five dual-tip brush markers covers a range of rich metallic colours, all packaged in a bamboo case

Pen Pusher Rainbow Tiger Notebook & Listpad
Rainbow Tiger Notebook & Listpad


Made from sustainably sourced paper and vegan-friendly inks, this notebook and listpad are fiercely good

Pen Pusher UK-made Modern Calligraphy Ink
UK-made Modern Calligraphy Ink


Made lovingly in the UK, these high quality inks are ideal for modern calligraphy

Pen Pusher Creative Brush Markers in a Rainbow of Colours
Creative Brush Markers in a Rainbow of Colours


Try brush lettering or watercolour art with these flexible brush-tipped markers with blendable water-based ink

Pen Pusher Modern Calligraphy Practice Kit
Modern Calligraphy Practice Kit


Learn modern calligraphy with this pen holder, nib, ink and practice book set

Shop Owner

The Face Behind The Business

Gavin Burrell

After 10 years editing and publishing craft magazines, I set up Pen Pusher to follow my passion for stationery and love of lettering. Currently a one-man operation, Pen Pusher is based in Stockport, South Manchester, and I personally handle all parts of the business, from selecting the very best stationery to packing up and sending out your orders.

As well as bringing you some of the UK’s best independent and eco-friendly notebooks and journals, I keep sustainability in mind with postage, so everything is packaged in recyclable card and paper. I’m always happy to help, so if you have any stationery or calligraphy questions, you can reach me at the Pen Pusher website.


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