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Ep 9 : The Shop Independent Show Podcast : Siop Cwlwm

On The Shop Independent Show this week I am chatting to Lowri of Siop Cwlwm.

Lowri runs a Welsh shop from my local town of Oswestry in Shropshire.  Oswestry is actually in England but being on the border of Wales there are a lot of Welsh speakers here.  They are probably the only Welsh shop actually based in England.

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I love Lowri’s business journey.  It has been one of steady organic growth, developing the business one small step at a time.  From a small idea out of the blue she began testing the market, quite literally, with a market stall and a small online shop.  Gradually growing and developing.  Then finally opening her very own bricks and mortar shop.  All whilst raising a young family.

Lowri has lots of creative business ideas which she has built into her business and ensures she supports local makers as much as she possibly can.

Lowri shared some great tips on running an independent shop, both an online shop and a bricks & mortar one.

  1. Test out your idea first by asking people what they think and then by starting small.
  2. When working with a partner (even when it is a family member or your partner), ensure you have separate and clearly defined roles in the business.
  3. Put yourself in your customers shoes. See yourself as your customer.  Lowri and her mum did this initially when coming up with the first list of products they wanted to sell.  They said “if I was my customer, what would I want to buy?”  They apply this concept to everything that they do.
  4. Take risks but take ones that you are happy with. If it feels huge and it scares you, what other options are there that feel less risky.

I love Lowri’s approach to business.  She takes calculated risks, runs with opportunities she sees and is always taking steps to grow and develop the business but in a way that feels right for her.  She has a calm but very strategic approach to her business and absolutely loves what she does.  You are going to enjoy this episode and learn lots too.  The Shop Independent Show Siop Cwlwm.

Lowri is on my shopping directory,  you can find the Siop Cwlwm shop page here.

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Until next time, thanks for listening to The Shop Independent Show.


Siop Cwlwm on podcast

Siop Cwlwm on podcast


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