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Ep 2 on The Shop Independent Show Podcast : From You To Me

On The Shop Independent Show this week I am chatting to Neil of From You To Me.

Neil and his partner Helen, launched From You To Me 15 years ago.  It has since grown from the initial launch of a couple of products, to one that has hundreds.

Starting from the humble beginnings of running it from home to now employing a team of people, located in beautiful offices and selling his products all over the world.

Neil has so much knowledge and wisdom to share and an inspiring story.  So I am sure you will find the conversation interesting and helpful, as I certainly did.

You can listen to it right here on my website or head over to Spotify or iTunes.

Neil talks a lot about values and how important they are to running a successful business, both internally with his employees and externally with his customers and all that he works with.  It is plain to see these values shining through in both the products in the From You To Me range and in all the communication and content they share with their followers and customers.

Neil also shares a lot about how important it is to have a plan and strategy but being willing to quickly veer from this plan if need be.

Culture comes across as being very important during the chat and also having a pleasant and creative environment in which to work.

There are lots we can all learn from this interesting conversation.  Thank you Neil.

Neil is on my shopping directory,  you can find the From You To Me shop page here. Or head straight to their online shop.

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