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Wiggly Wigglers

The award-winning natural gardening supplies company. Farmers with floweryness, birdfeeds and seeds, wiggling away through life bringing your garden to life.

Supplying British Flowers, British Grown Birdseed and Feed, Composting Supplies, Live and Dried Worms, Wildflower Plants, Vintage Tools, Wiggly Gifts and lots, lots more!  Established in 1990.

To deliver the best, by any measure (Value, Quality, Service and Provenance) farm-produced, Great British Birdfood and Great British flowers to our customers.

To be in the top three UK Companies, within an innovative, independent niche, proudly championing our products, which are predominantly sourced from British farms. #grownnotflown

– Provide reliable, consistent quality products and service
– Approachable, trustworthy, friendly and kind
– A team who offer professional expert knowledge and advice
– To deliver with a sense of pace and urgency, whilst not compromising on quality
– A great team of staff who embrace change and who are continually developed to update their skills and knowledge
– A brave, innovative company – not just run of the mill
– Right first time
– To have a positive impact on the communities that we work with
– Committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations
Have fun whilst delivering all of the above

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Wiggly Wigglers Box of Cut Flowers – Contains British Flowers
Box of Cut Flowers – Contains British Flowers


Beautiful selection of cut flowers delivered direct.

Wiggly Wigglers Garden Product Range
Garden Product Range


Lots of inspiring garden products from verti planters to secateurs.

Wiggly Wigglers Composting Supplies – Kitchen and Garden Composting
Composting Supplies – Kitchen and Garden Composting


Turn your kitchen and garden waste into compost.

Wiggly Wigglers Farmer Phil’s British Mix Bird Food
Farmer Phil’s British Mix Bird Food


Grown in British fields especially for British Birds.

Wiggly Wigglers Bokashi Active Composting Bran
Bokashi Active Composting Bran


For kitchen composting. Transform your kitchen waste into fertiliser and plant food.

Wiggly Wigglers Wiggly Bird Food and Bird Feeders Range
Wiggly Bird Food and Bird Feeders Range


Bird seed, bird butters, suet balls. All especially for British Wild Birds.

Wiggly Wigglers Bird Care Products – Feeders, Storage, Bird Cam
Bird Care Products – Feeders, Storage, Bird Cam


Range of wild bird care products

Wiggly Wigglers Wildlife Habitats For Nature in Your Garden
Wildlife Habitats For Nature in Your Garden


Bat boxes, bee nester, insect homes, bug box, toad and frog house and hedgehog house.

Wiggly Wigglers Composting Worms
Composting Worms


Selected for their composting ability there are a mixture of species.

Wiggly Wigglers Dried Flower Wreath – Vintage Country
Dried Flower Wreath – Vintage Country


Flower ring packed with all sorts of dried flowers and foliage in beautiful colours.

Wiggly Wigglers British Flowers Posy and Bouquet
British Flowers Posy and Bouquet


A different arrangement every season.

Wiggly Wigglers LIVE! Mealworms Bird Feed
LIVE! Mealworms Bird Feed


Very popular with wild birds, they are the larvae of the Flour Beetle.

Shop Owner

The Face Behind The Business

Heather Gorringe

Hello There – Thanks for reading.

I founded Wiggly Wigglers on my kitchen table in 1990, and it now specialises in Bringing Country Living to LIfe, wherever you live. Think Wildlife Gardening, Birdfood and Birdcare (much of it produced on our farm) Mealworms (proper live ones essential for feeding birds on the nest…) as well as British Flower Bouquets direct from our farm floristry for next day delivery.

Our team of 10 are complete enthusiasts for our business and products – and happy to advise you if we possibly can. The Great British Florist has grown out of supplying all British Bouquets for the last 10 years through Wigglys and realising that the time was right to expand… (and we honestly thought if a bride was organising a wedding and wanted flowers a florist called Wiggly Wigglers may just put her off a bit!)

The Great British Florist is no normal florist…

All British Flowers – Hand Made – Never Mass Produced
Beautiful, Green and Gorgeous – we grow our own flowers, forage for foliage and buy from other very lovely British Flower Farmers.
Delivered throughout the UK (yes even wedding flowers and funeral sheafs) on a next day delivery
(If you are about to elope – order now!!!)
Lower Flower Miles (our flowers have no air miles unlike 90% of other flowers you can buy in Britain)
Wildlife Benefits – When our flowers arrive with you – you can trust that they have delivered real benefits already to the bugs, birds, bees, and butterflies of Britain! and

We are based on Lower Blakemere Farm – part of the Duchy estate. The farm is about 1000 acres, all in all, and run by my husband Phil.

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