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Designs By Fleur offers a collection of Pregnancy Journals, Baby Memory Books and Baby Milestone Cards.

Pregnancy and having children are such special moments in our lives, you think will remember it all, but life goes so fast and before you know it you can’t remember when you felt your baby’s first kick, when they smiled or that adorable thing, they said that made you laugh.

Our collection of products is perfect in capturing these precious moments you always want to remember and allows you to share these memories with your family time and time again.

All the products come in 3 different designs.

Designs By Fleur Baby Memory Books are available in Welsh.

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Shop Owner

The Face Behind The Business


I created Designs By Fleur, with an aim to create something that not only is timeless and beautiful but captures all of the precious moments that having children brings with it.

My siblings and I treasure the baby books my parents kept for us so, many years ago and it is always nice to spend time reminiscing by flicking through the pages and photographs, even more so now that my mother is not with us, and we can’t ask her about our early childhoods (to be honest if she is anything like my dad, she might not have been able to remember anyway).

Now with my own family, I have a beautiful Step-daughter, a fiercely independent three-year-old and a gorgeous 6 month old baby boy, I wanted to provide them with the same kind of memories that we can all treasure and they in turn can share with their children.
My hope is that my products will allow you to collect and preserve your memories and that when you look through them you are transported back in time to those happy moments.

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