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Why Feature Your Shop With Us?

Featuring Your Shop with Love Our Shops UK

Love Our Shops is not just a blog & directory….it is a way to market your shop, be part of a supportive community and gain valuable advice.

The website is the hub for all the shops but the real impact happens through all the promotion and marketing.  We tell the world all about you by talking about you, promoting you and generally telling consumers how wonderful you are.  Shoppers get to know you, like you and trust you.

And the best bit is, they do all their shopping directly with you, on your website.

As a thriving community of shops we can help and support each other and all use the help and advice posted on the “Shop Talk” Blog.

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Why feature with us?

When others talk about you, people listen.  It is so difficult to talk about your own shop all the time, so let us talk about you too.

Love Our Shops UK helps independent online stores by:

  • Creating awareness of independent online shops and products in an inspiring and interesting way
    • by featuring your shop in our directory – each shop has their own shop page which has space for 12 products, about us details and a behind the scenes with the shop owner section.  Shoppers can browse then click the link direct to your website, if they want to take a further look.
    • being part of the blog.  We create regular Fabulous Finds posts on our blog plus other regular posts such as behind the scenes.
    • adding special offers, sales and competitions to the offers page.
    • featuring your products on your shop page, product gallery and home page.
  • Being part of the Love Our Shops UK marketing campaign which may include
    • emails
    • social media
    • PR online and in print
    • blog posts
  • SEO
    • you get a direct link from your shop page to your website. This improves your link building and so improves your ranking in the search engines.
    • Every shop is asked to include the “Proud to be a member of Love Our Shops UK” icon on their website.  This builds all of our SEO ranking by increasing our link quality.
  • Shop guidance. There is so much you need to know when running an online shop, therefore, we like to share with you helpful tips and advice to improve your store and help with running your business.
  • A supportive community of online shop owners. We tend to keep ourselves to ourselves so wouldn’t it be great to have a group where we can share experience, ask questions and divulge online retail information.
  • Shop Talk blog and email written especially for independent online shop owners.
  • Build trust with shoppers. Being part of Love Our Shops UK means shoppers get to know you and know you are part of a credible directory.  This helps with your KLT (know, like, trust) which is key to being an independent online store.

Who do we feature?

We feature a wide range of stores from food to sports, gifts to clothing, beauty to crafting items and lots more besides.

We review each application carefully to ensure it is right for the shoppers who visit us.  They expect quality products, good customer service, a professional user friendly site and shops with personality.  You will therefore know you will be in the directory along with other shops who are just as wonderful as yours and the traffic that you get from this directory is the kind that want to visit your store.

As a guide your shop must fit into the following criteria:

  • It is being run by the shop owner / is independently owned.
  • The products being sold are inoffensive, not considered dangerous and are of good quality.
  • It is in the UK.
  • The product range appeals to the shoppers who use our directory.
  • The shop does not belong to a chain of high street shops, one or two bricks and mortar shops is fine.
  • Professional and easy to navigate e-commerce website.  With clear images, good product descriptions and full contact details.  The store should look loved and appealing.
  • Products are not being extensively featured already by other shops on our directory.
  • You have a good on-line reputation and good customer service i.e. you can be trusted to provide the service a customer expects

How do we feature our shop and how much will it cost?

Featuring your shop is easy, all you have to do is fill in a quick application form which asks you a couple of simple questions about you and your shop.  We will then review it, to ensure it is a fit with our visitors and is in line with the criteria detailed above.

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If your shop is perfect for our directory we will be very pleased to offer you a place.  We will also tell you how much it is.  We offer great value for money, so don’t panic about this bit.  Plus, if you don’t like the price, you can walk away smiling and knowing that your website and store fulfils all of the above criteria.

If for some reason we turn you down, don’t worry or be offended.  It could be something really simple which you can change and reapply.  Or it could be that your products will not be of interest to our visitors, therefore you would be wasting your money being part of Love Our Shops UK.  Or that you do not fulfil one of our criteria.

Do you have any questions?

Need to know anything else?  Feel free to contact us by whatever method grabs you; email, call us, text us, message us or feel free to send us a lovely handwritten letter (that would be wonderful!). Our Contact Us Page. 

Not ready to apply but want to know more?

Then pop along to our Shop Talk blog or sign up for our Shop Talk email.  You can also follow us on the social channels to see what we are up to.

If you want to see what marketing we get up to with your potential customers, then why not sign up to all the different social media platforms we chat on, take a look at our shopper’s blog and register for the shopper’s email.  That way you can see what we are up to, I am sure it will make you desperate to be part of Love Our Shops UK.

I wish you all the best with your online store.  We are such an important part of the UK economy, and even more so, an important part of all our local economies.

Barbara x