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Ep 11: The Shop Independent Show Podcast – Colmers Hill Fashion

On The Shop Independent Show this week I am chatting to Penny of Colmers Hill Fashion.

Penny runs a successful women’s fashion boutique based in beautiful Dorset.  It is both a bricks and mortar shop and online too.

Penny has also recently launched her own fashion brand, From My Mothers Garden.  Which is stunning and also award winning.

You can listen to it right here on my website or head over to Spotify or iTunes.  Simply search for The Shop Independent Show.

Penny has been running her own business for many years.  First a PR and marketing agency, then a café and retail space, until finally moving onto her current business a fashion boutique plus her own fashion brand.

Penny is one very busy lady and has a hard working approach to achieving her dream.  She is very passionate about all that she does and this comes across so much in this interview.

Penny has only recently created her own fashion label, From My Mothers Garden.  Excitingly, this week, Penny won British Brand of the Year 2022 for her beautiful own label collection.  Awarded by Boutique Magazine, so this is a massive award especially as her fashion brand is so new and she was up against so many other great independent brands.  Well done Penny, I am so pleased for you and absolutely well deserved.

I am very inspired by this interview.  Penny exudes all the qualities of a highly successful business owner.  She has vision, passion, faces her fears, takes calculated risks, puts her customer first, works hard and loves what she does.  You are going to love this episode.

Top tips for running an online shop, fashion brand and independent boutique:

  1. Every morning write a list of everything you want to achieve that day. It may not be that you achieve it all but without a list you will just not achieve anything.
  2. Just go for it. On a number of occasions Penny has taken big risks with her next step in business and it has paid off.
  3. Work really hard for your dream.
  4. Don’t bury your head in the sand. Face obstacles head on, find a way around it (there is always a way around everything) and just do it.
  5. Face you fears head on and find a way to do this that you are comfortable with.

Penny is on my shopping directory,  you can find Colmers Hill Fashion shop page here.

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