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Ep 4 on The Shop Independent Show Podcast : Beyond Measure

On The Shop Independent Show this week I am chatting to Grace of Beyond Measure.

Grace began her business back in 2014.  She started it from home and sensibly tested out the idea selling via social media.  When she realised others liked her products she went onto invest time and money in creating the wonderful business that she has now.

You can learn a lot from this conversation.  Graces journey is one of organic manageable growth.  She sources her own unique range of carefully curated products.  She also works in collaboration with makers to create quality products just for Beyond Measure.

You can listen to it right here on my website or head over to Spotify or iTunes.

Beyond Measure is a business born out of not being able to find the products she wanted to buy, which is often the case with many businesses.

As with many of the shop owners I have spoken to for the show, when you are able to get help, that is when you can spend time developing and growing your business.  Which is also when your ideas and dreams really start to take shape.

I really love Graces business beliefs.  She is very clear on what she offers, how she wants people to see her business and how she communicates with her customers.  She also takes into account how she wants her life outside of the business to look and feel.

This is a very inspirational conversation.  I am sure you will enjoy it and learn lots, I certainly did.

There is so much to learn from this conversation.  One key tip is to allow your personality to shine through in your marketing and communication with others.  Plus be very clear on the type of products you want to sell and stick to it.  As Grace says in the interview, it would be very easy to fill her shop with so many products, but she does not want to do that, she wants to choose things in line with her very clear vision for Beyond Measure/

Grace is on my shopping directory,  you can find the Beyond Measure shop page here. Or head straight to their online shop.

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