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Ep 10 : The Shop Independent Show Podcast: The Chiswick Gift Company

On The Shop Independent Show this week I am chatting to Sarah of The Chiswick Gift Company.

Sarah runs a successful gift design studio in London.  She creates a wide range of unique gifts which she sells online, wholesale and at some key shows during the year.


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Sarah has been running her business for 20 years.  She began after having 3 babies in one year!  There were some memory related and children’s entertainment products  that she really wanted and could not find them.  So, like lots of other business founders, she decided she would create them.  That is where her business journey began.

Sarah started her business in the early days of internet shopping, when there was no social media.  It was an interesting (and quiet) start.  Since then, she has grown it to an amazing and very successful business.  She has an ever growing product range, sells via her internet shop, wholesale and at a handful of fairs and shows throughout the year.

This is such a brilliant interview, full of inspiration.  Sarah is a brilliant creative, she has some amazing and clever products, many of which are award winning.  You are going to love this interview.

Top Tips Sarah shared during the interview:

  1. When things aren’t going fully in the direction you want them to, keep going on your own path. Keep your head down and stick to your own lane.
  2. Trends are not giving consumers choice. They are other peoples opinion.  You don’t need to be on the same bandwagon as others.  Do your own thing and offer choice.
  3. Employ a Sam! Someone who is the opposite of you, has different skills and different personality traits.  They are worth their weight in gold.
  4. Plan and time your launches to make them a success.

Sarah is on my shopping directory,  you can find The Chiswick Gift Company shop page here.

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The Chiswick Gift Company Podcast Interview



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