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Unique Planners by Pirongs

Unique Planners is a website that helps you to design a planner that is unique to you. From choosing one of our designs and adding your name, to uploading your photos or your own complete cover design.

With Wedding Planners, Life Planners, Teachers Planners and notebooks, we provide lovely designs, and add-on pages relevant to each. Just choose the ones you like!

Because we think our planners provide the ultimate in customisation, we want you to create exactly what you want – so we give you your choice of wire and ribbon included as well!


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A4 Wedding Planner


This A4 wedding planner has beautiful designs to choose from and customise. There are countdown sections to your wedding informing you of all you need to do with a handy checklist. Then choose the extra pages that are relevant to your wedding!

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A5 Teacher Planner


To start customising your cover, all you need to do is pick what lesson day format suits you. Then choose your ribbon, wore colour, and select from a huge range of contents pages that are useful to you.

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A4 Teacher Planners


Our Teachers Planners come in a choice of lesson formats so it is useful to you in your school day. You can also choose from many add-on pages including registration, parents consultation sheets, whatever is useful to you.

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A5 Notebook


A handy notebook, that is customised to look exactly as you want it! Just stick to notes pages, or add in any other useful pages from a wide range. Pick from one of our lovely designs or create your own with your photos.

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A4 Notebook


This is a blank canvas, where you can customise a notebook – but also add in and handy pages that are available with our life planner – meal plans, to do lists, favourite quotes…the list goes on.

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Christmas Washi Tape


On our Etsy store.

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A4 Life Planner


This is an A4 size planner, and is available in 3 different page layouts to choose from. It has 160 pages of good quality paper, hard cover, wire and ribbon and a PVC wallet for all your bits and bobs.

Shop Owner

The Face Behind The Business

Marie Lawley (Designer)

A family company based in Devon, we pride ourselves in designing and making our products in Britain.

Having provided planners and diaries to teachers since 1961, we feel we know what people like from their planners, and as the business has grown, we have wanted to give our customers more choice. We build all our planners in our workshop, so we can lovingly add your colour of wire and ribbon and any add-ons you may choose.

We made a little film about how you can make a planner…




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