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The Healing Tree Skincare

The Healing Tree living skincare is handcrafted with the highest quality, cold pressed and naturally-extracted plant oils, superfoods and extracts to heal and rejuvenate ageing, seriously dry, pigmented or acne-prone skin conditions. We formulate all of our products using the highest quality, vegan ingredients available and organic/wild-harvested ingredients where ever possible.

The Healing Tree skincare contains only high vibrational, living ingredients which means that every ingredient is chosen for its skin conditioning and healing properties. We avoid all chemicals, alcohol, fragrances and chemical preservatives which over time can cause ageing to the skin. You will not find any fillers or chemically-extracted ingredients in any of our products.

We enhance the living content of our products by packaging them in biophotonic glass. Our specially designed jars and bottles are violet in colour and only allow the violet light to enter the product fueling it with the force of life. They also filter out the white light which biodegrades the product meaning that they act as a kind of natural preservative alongside the plant-based preservatives that we use in our products.

As a company that is passionate about living in balance with nature, all of our ingredients and packaging are planet friendly.



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Shop Owner

The Face Behind The Business

Heidi Gordon-Smith

As a mother of two, my passion for healing skincare began in 2015. It all started with a dream to create the most natural and nutrient rich plant-based products for family and friends. We delighted in seeing how “nature’s medicine” was able to heal a variety of skin conditions such as: ultra-dry skin, acne, age spots, hyper pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and more.

In 2017, I began a journey to create a living skincare line to treat and heal various skincare conditions using the most potent, living, vegan, cold-pressed oils, extracts and superfoods available. The vision was to create high quality, healing skincare with a luxurious feel to it without all of the standard chemical preservatives, alcohol, water and chemically-extracted ingredients. These ingredients were replaced with: skin-conditioning plant-based preservatives, floral waters, superfoods and high-quality, wild-harvested/organic, plant-based ingredients.

Having spent my twenties in Central and South America, I was determined to use an incredible oil that I discovered there. This oil has been revered by shamans for centuries for its healing properties and its ability to cleanse ones energy. This sacred ingredient is known as “palo santo” oil in South America which means saint wood. It is known to benefit many skin conditions, such as: ageing, visible pores, fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, acne, viral and fungal skin conditions and more. All of our products contain sacred palo santo oil, extracted by a steam distillation process from the palo santo tree in Ecuador.





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