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Savontree – beautifully natural artisan soaps.

Vegan and cruelty free handmade soaps ,all handcrafted using only the essential ingredients. We don’t add  preservatives, that’s why we produce in small batches, to ensure freshness and the best natural quality. Our oils, butters, fragrances and micas are completely safe and sourced from UK trusted suppliers.

An eco-friendly alternative in your daily grooming or a gift for a loved one, a handmade soap is always a good choice.

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Savontree Espresso Soap
Espresso Soap


COFFEE, VANILLA & CINNAMON:  Beautiful scent, stimulates circulation and reduces water retention, with a gentle scrub. Perfect!

Savontree Coconut Scented Soap
Coconut Scented Soap


CREAMY COCONUT:  Have an exotic bath time with this deliciously sweet coconut soap. Its high content of fatty oils will give you extra moisture.  



A luxury sustainable gift for those who enjoy the finest things in life. But then, who doesn’t like a bit of pampering and self-indulgence?  WHAT’S INSIDE…  1x Soap bar 150g 1x Bamboo soap pouch 1x Jute soap bag 1x Bamboo soap dish 1x Bath Salts bag 250g   Soap bar…

Savontree Honey Soap
Honey Soap


Sweet scented soap. Gives a rich creamy lather.  The Shea butter leaves your skin moisturized with a silky touch.  Naturally coloured.  



The perfect eco friendly box to gift your loved ones this year, with an array of bath accesories and traditional scents for a cozy Christmas. WHAT’S INSIDE…  2x Soap bars 150g 1x Exfoliating sisal soap pouch 1x Bamboo soap dish 1x Bath Salts bag 250g Soap bar “BACK HOME”.…

Savontree Bamboo Soap Dish
Bamboo Soap Dish


Beautiful round soap dish which will keep your soap dry between uses, making your soap last longer.  Traditional look.

Savontree Saladito Scrub Soap (100% NATURAL)
Saladito Scrub Soap (100% NATURAL)


PETIT GRAIN, LEMONGRASS & ROSEMARY.  Scrub impurities away! A natural exfoliation, softened by jojoba and almond oil.

Savontree Sweet Fall Soap
Sweet Fall Soap


DARJEELING & TEA ROSE: A refined soap, with a delicate sweet floral fragrance.  Finished with real wild dried berries.    

Savontree Rose Breeze Bath Bomb
Rose Breeze Bath Bomb


ROSES:  This bath bomb is a luxurious treat for all your senses.  Soak, close your eyes and relax.

Savontree Wellness Bath Bomb
Wellness Bath Bomb


EUCALYPTUS & LIME: Run a hot bath, drop the bath bomb in and breathe.  Perfect for easing congestion.

Savontree Sandalwood & Lemon Soap
Sandalwood & Lemon Soap


SANDALWOOD & LEMON:  a natural and fresh scent. Hazelnut oil makes it highly moisturizing, suitable for all skin types.

Shop Owner

The Face Behind The Business


My name is Laura and I am from Galicia, a beautiful region in the Northwest of Spain. Nine years ago I took my suitcase and left my homeland to explore new adventures and like many others, ended up in this amazing country that is England, which has gifted me with many opportunities, personal and professional.

As someone who cares for the environment and after realising how much we still need to learn, I wanted to start changing small daily routines in my life, seeking new ways to recycle and reduce plastic use. Switching the shower gel bottles to soap bars was a good decision, however most of these soaps were making my skin dull and dry. I did a bit of ingredients research and realised that I could give a try to making my own soaps; ultimately, why not being the one who decides what goes on my skin? I have always been a homemade skincare supporter. I firmly believe that most beauty products, (definitely soaps!) prepared with ingredients from your kitchen are far more effective than any other commercial product, as good as that may be. Just for the simple reason that the properties of the products you use go into your skin completely unadulterated, therefore healthier.

Well, it was indeed a fascinating experience. Next chapters: Endless hours of research, learning process and tons of trial-and-error tantrums, (no further details on this…). Eventually expectations became reality, my first made-from-scratch artisan soap, a soap without chemicals, vegan and sustainable. A little piece of heaven that left my skin incredibly moisturized, softer and with a delicious lasting scent.
That was the moment when I decided to make of this new passion a life project. And Savontree was born.

Take a tour around the shop, hope you like it!

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