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Back in 2012 Hoobynoo started with a range of children’s jewellery.  Now the range has expanded to include pet tags and personalised gifts.

All our products are designed by the Hoobynoo founder Chiara Stone from their lovely new studio.

We also have a lovely range of gift mugs, signs for children’s bedroom door, pet clothing, pet bowls, clothing and some very cute decorations.  Lots of these can be personalised.

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Hoobynoo Horse Stable Door Sign – Personalised
Horse Stable Door Sign – Personalised


Personalise with design and text.

Hoobynoo Hoobynoo Unicorn Pin
Hoobynoo Unicorn Pin


Hard enamel glittery main unicorn pin.

Hoobynoo Personalised Pet Christmas Decoration
Personalised Pet Christmas Decoration


Lots of different designs to choose from and personalise.

Hoobynoo Geometric Personalised Ceramic Cat Bowl
Geometric Personalised Ceramic Cat Bowl


Personalise with name and illustration.

Hoobynoo Personalised Pet Portrait
Personalised Pet Portrait


Custom contemporary portrait print.

Hoobynoo Dog ID Tag Personalised
Dog ID Tag Personalised


Choose design, pet name and contact details. In 3 different sizes.

Hoobynoo Personalised Pet Mugs
Personalised Pet Mugs


Choose colour, pet image and name.

Hoobynoo Horse Products – Personalised
Horse Products – Personalised


Perfect gifts for horse lovers.

Hoobynoo Personalised Gifts
Personalised Gifts


Lots of different gifts available.  This one is a pencil tin.

Hoobynoo Santa Sack for Pets – Personalised
Santa Sack for Pets – Personalised


Santa sack fully personalised for your pet.

Hoobynoo Equestrian ID Horse Bridle Tag
Equestrian ID Horse Bridle Tag


Add your contact details and horse name. Choose your horse illustration.

Hoobynoo Acrylic Necklaces
Acrylic Necklaces


Different designs available.  This one is a dachshund.

Shop Owner

The Face Behind The Business

Chiara Stone

I created Hoobynoo in 2012.  I wanted to put my degree in Graphic Design to good use and fit my working life around my family.  I love illustrating so began creating a range of children’s character jewellery, each coming with a little story.

From those small beginnings the range has expanded massively turning my illustrations into pet tags and expanding into personalised gifts.

Now a team of five, me illustrating and designing the products, my husband making them, my Mother-in-Law packing, and Phoebe and Georgie are our new studio assistants.

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