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Earthglade is an online shop and market trader that provide either Recycled or Organic products that come from Sustainable & Ethical sources. These are mainly focused on everyday living in the home and personal care. We try and source products from as close to us as possible to cut down on our carbon footprint and many items are handmade here in Norfolk where we are based.

Our Earthglade website also provides links and blogs on sustainable living and has become a bit of a hub that people communicate through to find solutions to ecological problems that affect us all. We are also part of an increasing network that help turn rubbish into items through Terracycle, that then provide a much needed income for charities. Our supported charity being Hallswood Animal Sanctuary here in Norwich.

Our goal is to help unite the world in achieving a more sustainable future and enjoy some great chocolate along the way.

Earthglade Introductory offer: Use code LOVE10 at checkout to get 10% off your order!

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Shop Owner

The Face Behind The Business

David Crowe

Hi a warm welcome to Earthglade.

I live my life with a positive outlook and look for beauty in everything.

Having said that I have become increasingly dismayed on how the Earth is constantly being polluted and overworked to fuel a consumer led society. Now I am not against a shopping trip as I love it myself, but we need to be more aware of what damage our habits bring to our environment. We need to buy products that tell a story of their beginnings, of products that have benefited those who have produced them without cost to the Earth.

What we have done at Earthglade is bring more awareness and to provide products that do not harm the planet. We have with our best efforts found items that are either Recycled or Organic that come from sustainable & Ethical sources. 

I hope this venture brings a little light into peoples lives and provides a place on this our Earth for us to shine.


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