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Welcome to Bear Hunt books, this is a place to find amazing reads, for children of all ages, babies to teens.

We also have book subscriptions that are very well researched and full of  newly released titles. Get in touch if you would like a happy parcel in the post.

Our shop has lots of books that champion diversity, if you are looking for books that champion children of colour, neurodiversity, different faiths we can help.

If you are a teacher we have lots of collections that are for different ages and I am happy to suggest or order books for you. Can’t find a book, we can help investigate.



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Bear Hunt Books Amazing Islands
Amazing Islands


Sabrina Weiss and Kerry Hyndman Hardback This is a wondrous book, flick to any page or read cover to cover. There are amazing illustrations that really give an amazing glimpse into the places listed. You could find yourself transported to Taal Volcano, flying over the Philipines and discovering…

Bear Hunt Books Clean Up
Clean Up


Nathan Bryon and illustrated by Dapo Adeola paperback Amazing Rocket is back and is going on holiday to see Grammy and Grampy. Sadly there is something on the beach that is not good, what can be done? About the Book Join lovable, passionate Rocket as she sets off on a mission to save a Caribbean…

Bear Hunt Books Paper Planes
Paper Planes


Jim Helmore and Richard Jones Paperback This is a wonderful story and each page is a work of art, it’s lovely. The story is of two friends that love flying their planes from lots of different places but sadly things change and what happens next? About the Book Mia and Ben are the very best of…

Bear Hunt Books Mini Monsters, Can I play
Mini Monsters, Can I play


Caryl Hart and Tony Neal Meet Scout,  Arthur, Sparkle and Tiny in this adorable little tale about a little group of kids having a few difficulties at preschool. We they find a way to play well today? About the Book Set in a preschool for mini monsters, this fantastic new series stars four lovable…

Bear Hunt Books The Worrysaurus
The Worrysaurus


Rachel Bright and Chris Chatterton Paperback It’s a lovely day but sadly the little Worrysaurus starts to think about all the things that could go wrong. Maybe things might get better though. This is a great book and has some fab ideas how to get through worrying times. About the book Always…

Bear Hunt Books 6 month surprise book subscription
6 month surprise book subscription


Order this amazing package and receive 6 surprising parcels in the post. 1 book each month and some lovely extras. Cost includes postage. The cost is £11 monthly for 6 months or £60 in full saving £6. The options include choosing what age you would like the books to cater for. Our book…

Bear Hunt Books Cogheart


Peter Bunzl Paperback First book in the Cogheart Series, a fantastic voyage of Terror and Triumph About the Book Danger, zeppelins and clockwork critters amid London’s smoky spires. Love Philip Reeve or Northern Lights? Then you’ll love this! In a world of living clockwork animals and ruthless…

Bear Hunt Books Lark (signed)
Lark (signed)


Anthony McGowan Paperback With signed bookplate Winner of the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2020 In this final installment of the tales about Nicky and Kenny, the brothers are waiting for a visit from their estranged mum.  As tension mounts, they decide to go for a walk on the moors with their dog, Tina. …

Bear Hunt Books The Girl Who Speaks Bear
The Girl Who Speaks Bear


Sophie Anderson and Kathrin Honesta This is one of those books that leaves you with a tingly feeling long after you have finished the book, it’s that good. If you you loved the House with Chicken Legs than this is a very good choice. About the Book They call me Yanka the Bear. Not because of…

Bear Hunt Books 12 month surprise book subscription
12 month surprise book subscription


Order this amazing package and receive 12 surprising parcels in the post. 1 book each month. Cost includes postage. The cost is £10 per month or you can use checkout above to pay in one lump sum and save £10. The options include choosing what age you would like the books to cater for. Our book…

Bear Hunt Books The Boy at the Back of the Class
The Boy at the Back of the Class


  Onjali Rauf Paperback A World Book Day 2020 Author WINNER OF THE BLUE PETER BOOK AWARD 2019 WINNER OF THE WATERSTONES CHILDREN’S BOOK PRIZE 2019 SHORTLISTED FOR THE JHALAK PRIZE 2019 Told with heart and humour, The Boy at the Back of the Class is a child’s perspective on the refugee…

Bear Hunt Books The Boy at the Back of the Class
The House With Chicken Legs


Sophie Anderson and Elsa Paganelli What a fantastic tale with lots of mystery and magical happenings. The characters and places they go keep the reader engrossed throughout. It feel like actually going on an adventure. We really loved the characters and the surprises that happen throughout the…

Shop Owner

The Face Behind The Business

Michelle Peters

Hi, my name is Michelle and  I am the founder of Bear Hunt Books.

Before opening a bookshop I was a children’s book collector. This hobby has taken me all over the country visiting book festivals and events and looking for collectors copies. When Covid hit, I needed to find a way of earning a living (my other business has gone into hibernation), so I used the knowledge I have gained and opened an online bookshop. You can ask me for book ideas, I have lots and the books that I stock have all received amazing reviews.


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