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Calling all UK Independent Online Shops?

Only the Best UK Independent Online Shops are invited to be members.  Are you one of them?

Would you like to be a member of Love Our Shops UK?

I began Love Our Shops UK with the simple mission of; help shoppers find and shop at British independent online shops.  That’s it!

My vision is to bring all of the good quality, UK Independent Online Shops together in one place (a shopping directory and helpful blog).  I can then share them, shoppers can easily find them and be inspired, we can all support each other and we can all become one voice for, the often overlooked, retail sector of independent online shops.


Shopping directory. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK

Shopping directory. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK



Would you like to be found online and would you like someone else sharing your great products?  There are lots of benefits to joining and they all add up to helping you get more people finding your shop and spending their money with you.

Joining Love Our Shops UK has so many great benefits.  There is a list of them on my blog Benefits of Being a Member of Love Our Shops UK



I invite you to join Love Our Shops UK shopping directory.  You will be among other great shops.

As a founder member it will be just £5 a month and a one off £10 joining fee.  Plus, it will stay at this price for as long as you remain a member.  The price will go up and up as Love Our Shops UK visibility grows, but your membership will remain at £5 a month.

This founder’s rate is only available to the first 30 shops who say “yes please”.  I would love for you to be one of them.


I know, because I have had lots of people telling me they have bought something because they saw it via Love Our Shops UK, either on the website or on social media.

Sarah from Saloukee, who is already a member shop, has this to say:

“Love Our Shops UK is a vibrant showcase for British independent online shops and it is great to be one of its founding members.  Barbara’s enthusiasm for championing ‘shop small’ is infectious and when talking to her, you can really tell her passion is genuine.  I am excited to be part of Love Our Shop UK’s next step and look forward to a growing community.”



I love UK Independent Online Shops.  They have been a big part of my life for 11 years, I began mine in 2007.  There are so many in the UK and every time I find a new, good quality one, I get very excited and can’t wait to share it!!


If you need more information about what membership includes this page will help

If you wish to apply to be a member  I will be happy dancing!

Plus all of the benefits are listed here Benefits of Being a Member of Love Our Shops UK


If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them.

Best Wishes