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My Beautiful Daily Planner – A4 Recycled Paper – Great Quality

My Beautiful Daily Planner – A4 Recycled Paper – Great Quality

by My Beautiful Pen


My Beautiful Daily Planner


We all need some organisation in our working lives and I need to have something creative to plan with on my desk that inspires me and this is why I created My Beautiful Daily Planner.

I also wanted something gentle as a planner, as I was a little fed up of bossy planners!

It has some lovely sections:

  • My Beautiful Plans – For all those big and gorgeous plans such as holidays, treats, home improvements etc
  • To-Do-List – To jot down all the stuff you need to do
  • Social Media Area – Keep track of what you want to post on your socials etc
  • A Water Check Area
  • Gentle Reminders – An area where you can add gentle reminders about those things that really need some attention
  • Affirmation Of The Day – This section is where you can add a fav quote, affirmation to inspire or create some of your own and see what you come up with.


I hope you find this inspiring and that it helps you plan gently and creatively.

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