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Each Dawn is a Fresh Start Enamel Pin Brooch
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Each Dawn is a Fresh Start Enamel Pin Brooch

by Daffodowndilly


Embrace the power of a new day with this pin, a symbol of strength, resilience, and the promise of fresh beginnings.

Becky (the designer behind Daffodowndilly) set out to create a pin that serves as a gentle reminder – a small yet powerful token of reassurance. It’s for those days when work feels like a struggle, when our to-do lists remain unchecked, and when the weight of responsibilities seems overwhelming. This pin is a testament that it’s alright; it’s just one day, and with each sunrise, we are gifted a fresh beginning.

Crafted in the picturesque landscapes of Shropshire and brought to life in the vibrant city of Birmingham.  A generous 35mm size, they are a statement of elegance, showcasing a lustrous silver metal base adorned with a palette of 5 captivating hard enamel shades. Ensuring your connection to this message of resilience, each pin is thoughtfully accompanied by a reliable rubber plug pin back.

This design springs from original hand-drawn artwork, a creation born from the heart and soul of Becky Woolley, the visionary behind Daffodowndilly.

Rooted in Shropshire, this design embodies the spirit of British craftsmanship and innovation.

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