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A5 Perpetual Calendar Sheets
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A5 Perpetual Calendar Sheets

by Daffodowndilly


12 months worth of nature filled designs in a cute and portable A5 size.

Designed to be pinned to cork boards, stuck with washi tape or simply propped up.

Unleash the potential of these versatile calendar sheets in a variety of settings:  university rooms, office spaces, in the home, flat lay photography and more.  Plus it will satisfy the planning enthusiasts and transform any space that can’t accommodate a standard calendar

The beauty of these perpetual sheets lies in their adaptability, enabling you to commence using them at your preferred time.

Crafted by Becky Woolley the designer behind Daffodowndilly, these sheets showcase distinctive designs that resonate with the natural world.

Printed in the UK on sumptuously thick 225gsm paper, each set includes 14 sheets: 12 calendar pages, 1 front cover, and 1 back cover. The sheets are provided unbound, allowing you to personalise their presentation.

Each month features a unique design that narrates a piece of nature’s story:

  • January welcomes the elegant Blackcap, a melodious Summer visitor with its signature black cap for males and chestnut cap for females.
  • February celebrates the familiar Wood Pigeon, adored for its striking colours and ever-surprised expression.
  • March ushers in Great Tits and Birdbox, symbolizing the beginning of the nesting season.
  • April showcases the graceful Nuthatch, adorned with a harmonious blend of muted hues.
  • May captures the joy of Daisies, an eternal symbol of youthful innocence and daisy chain memories.
  • June pays homage to the majestic Bottlenose Dolphin, magnificently adapted to the UK’s chilly waters.
  • July draws inspiration from Fossil Beach, a tribute to the thrill of fossil hunting at Charmouth beach.
  • August features the regal Great Tits, the grandest among the UK’s Tit species, distinguished by a bold black stripe on males.
  • September embraces the Hedgehog, a cherished garden ally feasting on garden pests, now sadly classified as vulnerable.
  • October showcases the Brambles, a member of the rose family cherished for its blooms and delectable blackberries.
  • November highlights the endearing Sparrows, a recognizable garden companion now under conservation concern.
  • December concludes with the beloved Robin, a cherished symbol of British gardens and their industrious gardeners.

Embark on a journey through the seasons, calendar sheets that celebrate the wonder of the natural world.

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