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Shop Independent this Christmas at Independent Online Shops – 8 Reasons Why

Shop independent this Christmas at independent online shops.  The best choice.

Where will you be doing your Christmas shopping this year?

Online or in a store? Big corporation or small independent?

With so much choice and so many people competing for our pennies, it is often so easy to turn to the big high street names or the huge marketplaces online.

But before clicking the “buy now” button this Christmas, consider what independent shops can offer you.

Ask yourself “would it be better to Shop Independent this Christmas at independent online shops, rather than the big boys?”


Shop Independent this Christmas. Independent online shops at

Shop Independent this Christmas. Independent online shops at


Shopping Independent this Christmas is a good thing, in so many ways.

The shops can be local to you and on your local high street.

Or they can be small independent shops online. Many of these have a high street shop.  Many are being run in villages and towns.  Many appear at the different festivals and fairs that are dotted around the UK at Christmas.

All are supporting their local economies in so many ways.  All are passionate about what they do.

Here are 8 reasons why it is good to Shop Independent this Christmas:

1. They Support the  UK economy and their local economies.

Independent shops directly support their local economies and the UK economy. Even if you shop online with an independent shop being run 200 miles away from you, they (and you) are still supporting local economies and the UK economy.

This creates local jobs. The shop owners and their employees support other small businesses, who in turn support other small businesses….and so it continues. Each one is supporting the UK economy.  A chain of support that starts will making a purchase from an independent shop.


2. Unique

Every shop is unique. Unique offering, unique service and unique owners.  No “samey samey” shops and products.

Many of the shops sell their own designed and made products. Others include British made in their range. Supporting the artisan producers and the British manufacturers is such a wonderful thing, on so many levels.

When it comes to gift buying, quirky one off items only seem to be available at Independent Shops.   Independent shops excel at this.  Unique and often personalised or custom made gifts are thoughtful and are very much appreciated.  A win win all round!


3. Personable service.

Independent shops are run by people who you can build a relationship with, get to know them and enjoy their unique quirks and loveliness.

In turn they get to know you and what you like (or don’t like).

They notice when your name pops up with an order for the second time. They notice when you like a new product post on Facebook. They notice when you comment on their blog post or visit them in their high street shop then tweet about them.

They say “hello” and genuinely like having customers in their lives.

The corporate’s and chain stores are unable to do this to the same level. They may try but it is never as authentic or as genuine as an independent shop.


4. Excellent customer service.

Independent shops really care.

I am not saying the big online or high street names don’t. What I am saying is when you are an independent shop owner (and I know because I was one for over 9 years) every part of the process means so much to them.

Their heart and soul goes into ensuring every visit and every customer has an amazing experience.  From when they first find out about the shop to when they receive the order, and beyond.


5. Appreciation and happy dance time!

Independent shops really appreciate your custom. They really do a happy dance every time they see an order come in or pack up an order ready to send out.  Every order, every visit to the website, every customer you meet, every comment, like or share and every testimonial, means so, so much.

When you shop at an independent shop you are supporting the people who own and run it.  They are so passionate about their shop and what they sell.  They are not being told to be passionate or being taught to be excited about their shop, they genuinely are.

“When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance.”


6. British run independent shops pay fair taxes and pay them in the UK.

This in turn supports all of the UK with all the government funded services.  Need I say more?!


7. Knowledge.

Get some good advice.  Shop owners of independent shops know what they are selling and how it will help you. They can give you the details, divulge their knowledge and happy to share their recommendations.  Just ask them they are so happy to answer you.


8. …and finally.

They are all run by really lovely people with a passion for what they do.


There are so many benefits to shopping independent this Christmas, how can you go anywhere else? Shop independent this Christmas. Give them your money and feel good about it, you will have made the right choice

I will be doing Shop Independent this Christmas.  A few years ago I tried to do this, but sadly had to give up as I couldn’t find the shops I needed online.  I managed to do some in my local town but online was more than a little difficult, simply because I could not find them.  That was my eureka moment!

I have now created a place to easily find these gorgeous shops.  Both a Indie Edits blog and a shopping directory sharing the shops as I find them.

I have also just created a Facebook Group where we can all share these wonderful shops.  Please feel free to join and share, we would all love to see you.

Are you planning to Shop Independent this Christmas?  I would love to know so please add a comment below to let me know.





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