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Pawshtails is an independent shop for quality dog products.  Rope dog leads, no pull dog harnesses, natural dog treats, dog toys, dog blankets and lots more. 

Pawshtails is a wonderful shop owned and founded by Amy and Alex, supported by their adorable miniature Pinscher, Otis.  Together they design and produce high-quality dog products.  Alongside their own products they also have a wide range of dog products carefully selected from other suppliers, to include in their ever expanding range.

The Pawshtails story began when Otis arrived into their lives, here is Amy to tell you the full story and share a little bit of their behind the scenes with you.

Pawshtails Our Shops Interview

Amy, for those who have not come across Pawshtails before, can you introduce us to your shop?

Hey Barbara, Thank you so much for inviting us to a “behind the scenes”. Pawshtails was created out of our love for dogs. 

We design and produce a range of stylish yet functional products, from dog leads, collars, harnesses and other accessories. Our main aim is to make every adventure more enjoyable for dog owners and their furry friends whilst focusing on safety and style. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best materials to create the best products for your dog.

We also offer a wide range of delicious dog treats and stimulating toys to keep your dogs entertained and happy. We believe in all natural, no nasty ingredients and the highest quality toys for playing games or as comfort toys.

You began Pawshtails when Otis arrived into your life.  Can you tell us about this and what you and Alex did before you started your own business? 

Alex and I both previously had dogs, Alex grew up with a Dalmatian and I grew up with lots of different doggies, from Chihuahuas to Labradors. We thought we were prepared for Otis, however as he is quite an anxious dog, he escaped every harness we got him and a few leads had failed us by coming loose from the hook. We needed something safer for him. However, finding something that was safe was tough, never mind something that was safe and aesthetically pleasing – that’s when Pawshtails was born! 

Alex is a Designer by profession, he studied Design at University and went straight into working with some brilliant companies. He’s a very talented guy and that’s why our brand looks great!  Alex is in charge of product design to product creation as well as selecting the highest quality products. 

I have experienced a few different paths in life.  I have worked for some small to big businesses before I took the leap to open my own healthy cafe in York after studying nutrition. Our business did very well, so much so that our supplier wanted to buy us out. 

After working 12 hour days for three years, I thought it was meant to be so I sold up and started accepting nutrition clients. I have been self employed ever since.

Now I have taken a step back from the nutrition side of things to focus on my own health and focus on growing Pawshtails for our family.  I’m back to working 12 hour days, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

It is always inspiring to hear how it all began.  How did you go about creating your very first product and what was it?  Also how did you decide what products to add to your range?

Alex has a knack for knowing what materials are best – he bought everything he needed, including the machinery, and made our first lead for Otis! It wasn’t till about 6 months later we decided to do it as a business, and it took a further 6 months to launch as we wanted to ensure we were doing everything right. 

We have since added more climbing rope leads then went on to introduce the harnesses, treats and toys. Our range went from 4 products to over 200 very quickly and we continue to add to our range each month. 

Everything we sell on Pawshtails is genuinely what we believe in. We wouldn’t sell something we wouldn’t use with Otis and he is our baby so we want the absolute best for him. We test everything with him and a few other doggos before adding them to our range.

We also love our planet and try to use the best materials for the environment as well as doggos and humans.

Pawshtails harness and lead

Pawshtails harness and lead

Where do you run it all from?  Can you share with us a little bit of your behind the scenes and where you spend your days? 

Our roles are constantly changing within the business. We did have a little unit prior to COVID-19, however when the pandemic hit we wanted to ensure we were safe and we ended up running the business from our home. It took over our three bedrooms, along with the loft and living room very quickly!

We’re now back in our warehouse and we’re also running a little shop within a local shopping centre in Liverpool.

Most of my days are spent liaising with suppliers and manufacturers, answering customer queries, engaging on social media and keeping control of our stock, website and running the shop in Liverpool.  Alex’s role is designing products and marketing collateral, making the leads and most importantly keeping me sane! 

We spend our afternoons packing orders together which is the part we both love the most as we get to spend it together. 


Pawshtails the pawshmobile

What are some of yours and your customers favourite products?

Alex and I love our gear and treats the most. I’m pretty sure Otis would agree!

In terms of our customers the best feedback we have had is about our harnesses and leads, our scrumptious peanut butter, our very own natural treat range and our LickiMat range! 

What plans and ideas do you have for the future of Pawshtails?  What will we be seeing later this year?

We’ve already had some pretty amazing launches this year! We launched our Doggy Peanut Butter Jar in January, our Natural Treat Range in March and our new Climbing Rope & PPM Leads in May. 

We will soon be releasing a new range of harnesses with matching collars and leads – We’re super excited for it!  

Pawshtails dog leads in navy and purple with clips

…and finally.  What is the best thing about running your own business and what has been one of your proudest moments?

I personally love being in control and getting involved in all aspects of the business, which you wouldn’t necessarily get in employment.

Alex’s favourite part is designing and producing, it’s what he was born to do.

We love doing what we want when we want to – we both definitely work way more hours than your typical 9-5, however we do get some flexibility which suits our lifestyle.

Over the past 18 months we have received a lot of feedback on our excellent customer service and high quality products.  One of the proudest moments was being stopped in the park and asked “is that a Pawshtails lead?” both Alex and I couldn’t stop smiling!

Pawshtails dog toy Jagermuttster

Pawshtails dog toy Jagermuttster

Thank you so much Amy for sharing your story.  You have come such a long way in such a short time.  You are (all 3 of you) an inspiration and I can hear how excited and passionate you are about Pawshtails.

As you know, I love your products and have quite a few for our big white fluffy Maremma Sheepdog.  I can definitely vouch for how strong your leads are.  When Indi decides to go for a lunge at a passing tractor (he is 11 stone!) it needs to be very strong and it is.  He loves his LickiMat and treats too.

Happy browsing and shopping.


Pawshtails Our Shops Interview

Pawshtails Our Shops Interview

Pawshtails online shop can be found here.  Also you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

All opinions in this blog post are mine and Amy’s .  Pawshtails is a member of my shopping directory.

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