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Me and My Shop: Meet Halia Rose

This week, in Me and My Shop, I am excited to go behind the scenes with the lovely Sarah of Halia Rose.

Halia Rose is a gorgeous shop selling baby safe jewellery, teethers, stylish accessories and recently added fabulous gifts for mums.

I never wore jewellery when my 2 were little, even though I wanted to.  It was either pulled, chewed or caught on them. So it was easier just to take it off.  I really wish Halia Rose had been around then.

Sarah began her shop based on child safe, stylish jewellery.  Since then her range has increased to lots of gorgeous products for mum and baby.  

Her story is one of hard work, juggling being a mum and running her business, plus a dose of creativity, wellness and passion. 


Halia Rose Me and My Shop. Sharing independent shops at Love Our Shops UK

Halia Rose Me and My Shop.


Sarah, where did the idea for Halia Rose come from and where did it all begin?

Like all good ideas, they come from a need. I was living abroad in Singapore when I had both my children and after a long and difficult birth with my first child, I really struggled physically and emotionally. With a young baby, sleep deprivation and no wider support network around me (other than my amazing husband), I wanted to feel like “me” again and being able to wear something designed for me was part of this.


My body hadn’t popped back to its pre-pregnancy shape so buying clothes was not something I enjoyed doing at the time, but wearing gorgeous jewellery was something I could do.  However, I couldn’t find anything that I liked to wear that was also safe for me to wear around my baby. I also noticed that colour really affected my mood and emotional wellbeing and I recognised other mums were in the same boat. The idea for Halia Rose jewellery was born! I believe every mum deserves to look and feel good (however old your children are!)


The name Halia Rose comes from a mix of my inspiration and roots…both my children were born in Singapore and I wanted something to reflect this as they were (and continue to be!) my inspiration plus also my English roots. Halia is the Malay translation for Ginger and Rose is the flower of England…my daughter also has ginger hair and her middle name is Rose!


Halia Rose and her inspiration for her business. Sharing independent online shops at Love Our Shops UK

Halia Rose and her inspiration for her business.

You now have lots of lovely products, can you share with us the different ranges that you sell?

At the heart of Halia Rose, we are about helping Mums look, and more importantly, feel great so our collection includes stylish products and gifts that are also practical for you to use through Mama life!

Halia Rose started with baby-proof jewellery, made of 100% non-toxic, BPA free food-grade silicone, which is not only stylish for mums to wear but also doubles as teething jewellery and nursing / fiddle beads. The jewellery can be tugged, pulled on and chewed without breaking. They are also dishwasher safe to keep them nice and clean. I also have a complimentary range of baby teethers and children’s necklaces (perfect for little nail-biters and as sibling gifts when a new baby arrives).

I’ve always had a bigger vision for Halia Rose – I have a passion for helping mums feel great and I truly believe that to be the best version of ourselves (and therefore the best mums we can be), we need to look after ourselves too. I have a background in health and wellness (including as a qualified massage therapist) and I therefore wanted to provide mums with gorgeous accessories, that are not only stylish but practical for mum life.

The Halia Rose collection has recently evolved to now include a capsule clothing collection, with flattering styles to suit your body shape, whether that’s through pregnancy, breastfeeding or to feel fabulous on holiday.

Our new Gift Sets are full of thoughtful gifts and treats to help mums relax, enjoy their me-time moments as well as stylish, practical accessories. For example, our gorgeous Mama Notes Notebooks have anti-scratch and wipe-clean covers – just in case little sticky hands get hold of them; and collapsible coffee cups, because we all need a caffeine fix but have little space in our mummy handbags!


Halia Rose collection of products displayed at an event. Sharing independent online shops at Love Our Shops UK

Halia Rose collection of products displayed at an event.


Do you have a favourite range or product?

That’s a really tough question! All the products in our collection have been carefully thought through based on my experience as a mum, and from listening to feedback from my wonderful customers.

There are a couple of necklaces which I reach for regularly…the Petals necklace in Ginger is fab for for jazzing up a plain top and I love the Bola necklace in Orchid, which goes with so many outfits and great for adding a little pop of colour.


HaliaRose Orchid Bola necklace. Sharing independent shops at Love Our Shops UK

HaliaRose Orchid Bola necklace.


I’m also really excited about our new Gift Boxes and my favourite is probably the Mama Me Time Set which includes some gorgeous smelling natural skincare, a sleep eye mask, notebook and candle –  a perfect selection of everything a busy Mum needs to take that all important time out for themselves.


Where do you keep and pack all your products?  Can you share with us a little bit about where you run your business from?

I’m a one-woman team so everything that happens in my business is done by me, whether that’s the finances, packing orders or replying to messages from our lovely customers!

At the moment my kitchen table is my office and I keep all my stock at home.  It can feel a little over-bearing at times. But because I love what I do, it doesn’t feel like work.

I love seeing which products customers choose, packing up their orders and posting them out – it makes all the hard work worthwhile knowing that people love my products!


Halia Rose Manchester Baby & Toddler Show. Sharing independent online shops at Love Our Shops UK

Halia Rose Manchester Baby & Toddler Show.


You are a working mum, how do you cope with this and make sure it works?

I probably work a lot harder than when I was in the corporate world! But, everything I do is for me and my family with no corporate politics.  I love that I can be flexible around my young children and do the nursery run.


Since setting up Halia Rose what has been your proudest moment?

I set up Halia Rose in 2017 and it has been incredible, I have won lots of awards, including most recently Gold at the recent Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards and Silver at the Made for Mums Awards. It’s so great to have my brand and products recognised by professional judges and consumer panels!

Halia Rose collection and awards. Sharing independent shops at Love Our Shops UK

Halia Rose collection and awards.


I also love seeing customer photos and receiving their feedback – knowing that I am helping others is the best feeling in the world!


I see that you have been talking about self care and now have a well-being range, is this something that is important to you?

Self-care and well-being is a hugely important thing for me. Having always played sport (including at International level) and a relatively healthy person, I have had various experiences, injuries and events that have happened in my life which have truly pushed this to the limit and I have really struggled at times.

Although I’ve always had an interest in health and wellness, it wasn’t until I had my first child that I knew my health was key in being able to look after him in the way that I wanted to. I knew I had to recover (physically and emotionally!) after giving birth, as quickly as possible, in order to be the best Mum I could be. This meant I had to look after me too!

I love the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup” and fully believe that is never more so than when you become a mum – life is busy but it’s important to look after yourself, treat yourself and make time for yourself in order to be the best version of you and be able to take care of your family in the ways you want to.


Halia Rose Wellness collection. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK

Halia Rose Wellness Collection.


You seem to be introducing lots of exciting new products at the moment, can you share some of them with us and are there more to come?

I have lots of ideas for new products and launching them is really exciting!!

I also have a really amazing new project that I’m working on which ties together my passion for mum’s wellness and providing stylish yet practical accessories.

Halia Rose gift set. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK

Halia Rose collection


…and finally can you sum up in just a few words, what it is like being a shopkeeper of an independent online shop?

Every day is different…which is what I love! Having my own business enables me to do something I enjoy as well as be flexible around my family and spend time with my two young children.

But…it’s not easy! Having your own business means that you never switch off and there is always something to do. However, if you have the opportunity to follow your dream, then go for it! You’ll never know what may happen if you take that first step but you’ll always wonder “what if?” if you don’t. Of course it can be challenging at times but nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy!


Halia Rose Me and My Shop. Sharing independent shops at Love Our Shops UK

Halia Rose Me and My Shop.


Thank you Sarah for sharing your story and behind the scenes of Halia Rose.

I first came across Halia Rose when I was researching independent shops for my Favourite Find:  Online Baby and Children’s Shops.  Starting off with just a small range, building her following and customer base, then moving onto products for helping mums and their well-being.  I think it is a brilliant story and a wonderful example of how to start and grow an independent online shop.

I know so many people who have shopped with Halia Rose after I first shared them, and I am not surprised.

Happy browsing, happy shopping.



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