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Maya Maya is an independent fashion boutique for womenswear. 

They are a gorgeous boutique in Kendal in the Lake District and also a wonderful online shop.

This fashion boutique is run by Amanda and her lovely team.  Maya Maya offers a vast range of womenswear.  A full range to fit and flatter all shapes and sizes, including curvy and plus size options.  From casual through to occasionwear. 

Maya Maya have lots of unique and personalised ways to shop.  Tailored for the customers, to ensure they get the best shopping experience.  I will let Amanda tell you all about the ranges they offer, the different services they have (both online and in person) and the passion they have for their fabulous boutique.

Maya Maya Behind the Scenes. Online Boutiques at Love Our Shops UK shopping directory for independent shops online in the UK.

Amanda, for those who have not come across Maya Maya before, can you introduce us to your shop and what you offer?

I’d be delighted to. 

Maya Maya is a ‘Destination’ boutique.  We are in an unusual location, on a developing out of town semi retail, semi industrial development.  With 5 parking spaces at our door and an outside, sun trap decking area, our customers love the convenience. 

We offer everything from jeans to occasion wear and a second to none personal shopping experience.

Maya Maya boutique front and decking area

Maya Maya boutique front and decking area

Have you been in fashion a long time?  Can you describe your journey before deciding to open your own boutique?

Maya Maya was my ‘retirement’ (ha) when I retired from the Motor Industry 16 years ago.  Being a woman in a mans world had taken its toll on me, in the days when equality really wasn’t as prevalent as it is now.  I moved away from that environment and I’ve never looked back.  As tough as it was, I’m grateful to it for all it taught me about business.

Maya Maya casual range

Maya Maya casual range

It is always inspiring to hear how the shop began and how it has got to where it is now, can you share with us this story?

It was ‘supposed’ to be a part time hobby back in 2006 but I soon realised that wasn’t in my my make-up.

From one small shop in Kendal, Cumbria, we double in size, took on other units, added menswear and footwear to our offering for a time and also had a hair and beauty salon on site.

I think in around 2018, when I was buying for men’s, women’s, footwear and running a hair and beauty salon, I realised something needed to change, or I would probably implode.

Strangely, Covid (if this is possible) probably came at the tight time for us, I’ve now completely re-designed the business.

We moved to our Destination premises.  We now focus on ladies wear only.  We work 100% on a personal shopper, appointment basis.

This has been a god send for us and we love our new home and new way of working.

Maya Maya independent boutique

Maya Maya independent boutique

You have an eye for fashion and a wide range of clothes.  How do you find and decide on the clothes to include in your shop?

Experience and a creative eye.

My rule?  If there is too much not to like about something, like, flower sequins on the shoulder, don’t buy it, don’t put it in the shop, keep it simple. 

I’ve heard too many people say “Oooh I love this dress, if only it didn’t have – blah blah”, and its always something ‘unnecessary’ like, flower sequins on the shoulders as a perfect example.

Quality, feel and its origin.  I’m very anti fast fashion landfill, so that’s a consideration for me.

Labour of love. I always say if you are not prepared to eat sleep and breathe your business, maybe don’t do it.

Maya Maya polka dot black and white jump suit

Maya Maya polka dot black and white jump suit

You offer lots of unique and personalised services for your customer, can you share with us some of these wonderful ways to shop?

We have an online shop where people can view and buy many of our casual collections. 

We don’t do occasion wear online, that is very much a one to one shop visit. 

Our SALE stock is online, and never actually sees the shop floor.  We have a digital presentation area in store, so if someone wants to browse our SALE stock, they can sit and do so with a coffee and we retrieve the items of their choice from our stock room for them to try.

We offer zoom appointments for capsule wardrobes and of course, good old one to one service in store.

Maya Maya team

Maya Maya team

What plans and ideas do you have for the future of Maya Maya?

Online and social media has really grown for us during Covid.  My plan is to continue to develop brand Maya Maya as the destination in the North West for all things fashion.

I employ an Instagram specialist to run our Instagram page, its a full time job to do it right.

Maya Maya tops selection

Maya Maya tops selection

You also run Boutiques in Business.  How did that come about and how does it help its members, especially during lockdown when all boutiques were closed and now when the shops have re-opened?

Boutiques in Business (BIB) really has been a Covid survival group. 

We have about 50 members now and we all talk regularly, we share ideas, frustrations, organise training sessions on Instagram, marketing etc.  We all SHARE.  There is no competition between us, just collaboration.

We are also affiliated with BIRA as a group and are currently working with My Street App, a new digital platform, as a group.

Maya Maya Boutiques in Business

Maya Maya Boutiques in Business

…and finally.  What is the best thing about running your own boutique (both online and your bricks and mortar boutique) and what has been one of your proudest moments?

Gosh, raising nearly £50,000 for local charities over the last 16 years.

Being voted as one of Drapers Inspiring Indies during Covid year.

Managing the business through 2 recessions, a flood (Storm Desmond), a Pandemic and Brexit (let’s not even go there!).

Maya Maya clothes range

Maya Maya clothes range

Thank you so much Amanda for sharing your inspiring and exciting story of Maya Maya.  You really do have an amazing shop, both online and in person.

One day I would love to visit your beautiful boutique, but in the mean time, your lovely online shop is there for me.

Happy browsing and shopping.


Maya Maya Behind the Scenes.  Online Boutiques at Love Our Shops UK shopping directory for independent shops online in the UK.

Maya Maya – Online Boutiques at Love Our Shops UK shopping directory for independent shops online in the UK.

The Maya Maya online shop can be found here.  Also you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

All opinions in this blog post are mine and Amanda’s.  Maya Maya is a member of my shopping directory.

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