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7 Ideas For Easy School Summer Holiday Fun

With a bit of fore thought and planning the school summer holiday can be the best ever!

It doesn’t have to cost much or be a big deal.  In fact

“It’s the little things that make life big!”

Summer holiday fun. 7 Easy Ideas for a memorable and fun summer holiday.

Summer holiday fun. 7 Easy Ideas for a memorable and fun summer holiday.

OK so how did that happen? Summer holidays are here already!

For those of us with school age children, juggling work and childcare is often a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be.

School holidays are all about fun and memories. Enjoying being a family. Being at home. Fewer commitments, hopefully. Less having to be here, there and everywhere. Relaxing and playing with friends. Being outside. Playing, making a mess and water!

That is what school holidays are made of. Plus having the occasional lie in, stay up late or maybe even a day in your PJ’s.

So whether you work or run your own business, I have a few ideas of things you can do to help get as much out of their time away from school as possible.

1. Have a meeting

Yes really! We sit down together and I ask the question “What do you want to make sure we do this summer?”
Then we write everything down, stick the list on the wall and tick it off as we go.
The list normally consists of things like have a sleepover, sleep in the tent, go to the beach, have a family get together, go out for breakfast, get some new books to read, play in the stream in the woods. All really easy things. But they create great memories.

2. Setup a Pinterest board

I have a secret board called things to do in the holidays. I am always adding to it. I include place to go, things to play, things to make and just generally things to do. So just before the summer holidays I have a quick look through and see what I want to add to the “What do you want to make sure we do this summer?” list.

3. Set ground rules

I work from home and don’t sort any childcare. So I am mum and business lady every day. So the way I work this is I set a few ground rules. This normally consists of setting a screen ban between certain hours, play with whatever as long as you tidy up after yourselves, and make your own breakfast. We also agree the night before the hours I will be working and therefore the times they need to be pretty self sufficient. I normally start work at 5am when they are still fast asleep so I can get all the big stuff done before they even wake up.

4. One day off a week (at least)

Because I normally start each day really early it means we can do stuff in the afternoon. However, I think it is really important to take one day (at least) off a week too where we do one of the bigger things on our “Things to do this summer” list. It also means I get to lie in until 7 on that day too!!

If your day out consists of going to the beach (or even if it doesn’t in fact) check out my great products finds for Feeling Beachy Every Day!

5. Plan your weeks, plan your days

This is no rigid set plan. Or even very detailed. But if we know before hand which days I am working, what we are doing in the afternoons, when is the full day out etc. It just means we get more of the fun, family and memorable stuff done.

For some great organisation and planning help see my list of 10 products to help get you organised.

6. Simple things are often the best

They really are. Going to the local nature reserve and adventuring in the stream and woods there is just as memorable as driving for 2 hours to a tourist attraction. Playing rounders in the local park usually lots of their friends come and join in too. A family party where we all bring some food to share is great fun and doesn’t take much organising. Putting the tent in the garden usually creates hours of fun. Making, baking or building something. Water! All memorable, all good fun.

7. Do one memorable thing every day

When you get to the end of the day and you ask “what did you enjoy today?” What would you like your children to say? Ask yourself this question every morning then decide what you are going to do today to help them come up with a really good answer.


I love the school holidays. Hopefully with this fore thought my children will not only have a great time, they will also have really special memories of their summer holidays. Just like I have when I think back to my school holidays. We used to have a brilliant time. For some reason we used to play a lot with washing up bowls (very odd).  Plus it was always sunny!!

Let me know what you do to make sure your children get the most out of the school holidays?

How do you juggle work commitments and school holidays?

I am off now to sew a bag…one of the things on our list!


Summer holiday fun. 7 Easy Ideas for a memorable and fun summer holiday.

Summer holiday fun. 7 Easy Ideas for a memorable and fun summer holiday.