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10 of the Best Hygge Products : Independent Shop Edit

Hygge is everywhere!

I don’t normally jump on the band wagon and I am not usually swayed by the next big thing, but I really love the idea of Hygge. Do you?

I have 10 Hygge product ideas, from gorgeous shops.  Shops where you can buy your Hygge essentials.

Hygge Ideas. 10 Hygge essentials for cosy and simply living #hygge #cosy

Hygge Ideas. 10 Hygge essentials for cosy and simply living #hygge #cosy

But first what is Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish word that means enjoying simple pleasures. Making ordinary moments more meaningful. Finding the special in life.

Family, friends, candles, cosy, warm fires, reading, comfy socks, cake, hot chocolate, fresh air, relaxing, journals. These are all the things that come to mind when I think Hygge.


To help with all this Hygge-ness, here are lots of lovely things from some really gorgeous independent shops online:


1. Bronte by Moon.

This shop is top of my list for a reason. They make beautiful and really cosy throws and cushions. To get the cosy feeling, you definitely need a comfy blanket and some luxurious cushions. Bronte by Moon have been making their amazing throws, cushions and scarves since 1837. So they really know what they are doing when it comes to cosy-ness.


2. Journals of a Lifetime.

I love the idea of writing down our memories or precious moments in life. These “Dear Family” books are such a wonderful idea. You give the empty book to your family member or friend, they complete it and give it back to you. The books are full of prompts to help the recipient complete all the memories in their life. Just wonderful!


3. The M’Hencha Company.

Cake! Need I say more? If for no other reason visit the website to read the descriptions. My mouth is watering just reading them. And the pictures well!!

If you are going sugar free, I suggest you don’t go anywhere near The M’Hencha Company as you will find it very difficult to resist. On the other hand, if you want to use up your sugar allowance on something really worth it. Then this is it. I dare you not to buy. Unbelievably indulgent cake.

Hygge Ideas. 10 Hygge essentials for cosy and simply living #hygge #cosy

Hygge Ideas. 10 Hygge essentials for cosy and simply living.

4. Wiggly Wigglers.

There is absolutely no way you can achieve Hygge without cosy socks. The ideal sock is here. Comfort goat socks. No more cold feet.

Made from mohair from the Angora Goats of Herefordshire. Mohair isn’t wool, so no itchy socks, just unbelievably warm tootsies. Plus they are durable and your feet just don’t smell. Sounds perfect to me.


5. Susie Watson Designs.

Lots to choose from in this wonderful shop. Fabric, interiors, pottery, gifts and lots more. But it is the lovely wooden tray that caught my eye. What is Hygge without the sharing of food and drink? You are going to need a tray.


6. Booka Bookshop.

Reading is an absolutely wonderful pleasure. What better way to buy your next book than by visiting Independent Bookshop of the Year, Booka Bookshop. If you are lucky enough to live near them (as I am!) you should pay them a visit.  They do Hygge Sunday!  But if not, their online shop has such a wonderful collection of reads, many of which have been signed by the author, which makes them extra special and a wonderful gift.

Hygge Ideas. 10 Hygge essentials for cosy and simply living #hygge #cosy

Hygge Ideas. 10 Hygge essentials for cosy and simply living.

7. Funky Country.

I love the name of this candle shop. Handmade, beautiful smelling candles. They also sell gorgeous smelling diffusers too. The Lazy Days one sounds heavenly. “Perfect for some chill out time” is what it says on the website. I couldn’t agree more.  In need of some of that.


8. Dibor

Dibor sell beautiful serveware. Well actually, they sell lots of beautiful things for the home. But if we are doing Hygge we need food and we need something to serve it in. I have started making homemade dips. They are so much better than the ones in supermarkets. And as my favourite colour is blue, they definitely have a dip dish that is meant for me. Made from bamboo, it is just gorgeous. I never thought I would say that about a dip dish! Take a look at this shop you won’t be disappointed. They have a beautiful collection of home and gift ideas.


9. York Cocoa House.

Hygge isn’t hygge without chocolate. Hot chocolate in fact. So what better way to enjoy this simple pleasure than with the mouth watering selection from the York Cocoa House. They call themselves the “On-line Chocolate Emporium”. And it is. But you don’t have to limit yourself to hot chocolate. Their chocolates look amazing. You can buy them all on-line but I have just decided to put York on my list of places to visit this year. Can’t think why!


10. Fox and Star.

You can’t do Hygge without a bit of journaling. Gorgeous notebooks and journals, perfect for your creative musings. If you love notebooks (like me!) then this is the shop for you. They have stationery galore and a brilliant selection of washi tape (never used it but now I don’t know what took me so long). Anyway, must go now off to spend a fortune on notebooks, washi tape, pens, sticky notes, stickers etc etc. Is it just me or do you love stationery shops too?

Hygge Ideas. 10 Hygge essentials for cosy and simply living #hygge #cosy

Hygge Ideas. 10 Hygge essentials for cosy and simply living.


That is it. My 10 Fabulous Finds for a Hygge way of life.  I feel better just looking at them.


I love creating these Fabulous Finds. There are so many gorgeous products and shops out there.


Do you know of any great products or shops perfect for creating the Hygge way of life?? If so feel free to share them, we would all love to hear.

Happy browsing…and shopping!




Please be aware. All opinions in this blog post are mine. At the time of writing I have not received any payment or free samples from the shops mentioned. Though I mention lots of shops here, you must form your own opinion as to whether their products are for you.

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