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Independent Shops Near Me – How To Be On The List of Shops

Would you like to be on the Independent Shops Near Me list?

I am sharing as many independent shops online in the UK as I can, on my free listing Independent Shops Near Me.

If you sell online via your own website, are independently owned and based in the UK, you can be on it. You do not need to be a member of my shopping directory, this is free for all shops.

I created the Independent Shops Near Me listing to support independent shops through this unprecedented time.

I want to help shoppers find independent shops online, so they can support the UK economy and help these important businesses to survive and thrive.

I am running this alongside my shopping directory, which is full of amazing independent shops.  Members of my shopping directory are on the listing and they get a more prominent position.  Being a member has lots of benefits.

Independent shops near me. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK shopping directory.


To be on the list all you have to do is email me,

Include in the email your shop name, URL, where your shop is based (town and county), type of shop (e.g. book shop, sports shop etc), and 2 sentences describing your shop and the products you sell.  A link to the product you would like me to include against you listing would be perfect too or a square image of the product.

To be on the list each shop has to fulfil the same criteria as those who join my shopping directory.  This is to ensure that the shoppers know that the shops I share are good shops and ones they can trust.

The criteria to apply to be on the Independent Shops Near Me list are :

  • Sell online via own website, independently owned, run in the UK
  • Products sold are inoffensive, not considered dangerous and are good quality
  • Professional and easy to navigate online shop. Clear images, good descriptions, looks loved.
  • Good online reputation
  • You are using social media to promote your shop
  • Full terms and conditions easily found on your website, GDPR compliant and your communication details easily found.

You can see more about being a member  here .

As shoppers, we are all turning to shopping online and it needs to be with the independents.

So, the more people that can find your amazing online shops the better.  Better for you the shop owner, better for the economy, better for the shopper and better long term for the UK.

Please do apply to be on the list.  The more the better.  All kinds of shops.  Lets make it as useful as possible.

I am hoping I will get that many on the list it will turn into 10 lists, one for each type of shop.  That is my fantastic vision.  So please do spread the word both with your shoppers and with other shops.

Sending you so many best wishes at this time.  Stay safe and take care.

Can’t wait to hear from you.