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Ideas for a Calm and Peaceful Home : Independent Shop Edit

I have this really strong desire to have a calm and peaceful home.  Do you?

One that looks beautiful, smells lovely and is a place to relax.

One that greets you with a feeling of calm and peace as soon as you walk through the door.


Calm Home favourite finds. Sharing independent online shops at Love Our Shops UK

Calm Home favourite finds. Sharing independent online shops at Love Our Shops UK


I am getting there, but with so much going on (like everyone else in this world), it can sometimes prove a little tricky.

In this hectic, forever switched on world, it is key to find a place to just be.

I have been having a little browse for some lovely independent shops that sell the perfect products, to create a calm and peaceful home.  Help you relax. Ones that appeal to all the senses.  I have found four lovely ones.



One very quick way of creating calm is with a lovely aromatic candle.

PFK Wellbeing create the most gorgeously scented candles. They have four different scents, each creating a different feeling of wellbeing; invigorate, relax, uplift and balance.

Based in the beautiful county of Shropshire and lovingly created by Paula, these candles are 100% natural and contain gorgeous essential oils.

Paula’s idea behind her candles is to help others find inner calm.  The beautiful aroma of these candles certainly helps find your happy place.  I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of Paula’s gorgeous candles and they have definitely created a feeling of uplifting calm in my home.  They really are lovely.


PFK Wellbeing candles 01 and 04. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK

PFK Wellbeing candles.


A clean and tidy home is at the top of my list for creating calm.  What better way to do it, than with natural cleaning products, made from traditional recipes. Recipes originally used by housekeepers and handed down through the generations.

Mangle & Wringer have these recipes and have created a range of cleaning and laundry products based on them.  Natural cleaning products at their best.

This lovely shop was created in 2012 by Vanessa Willes.  How this shop and its products came about is a really lovely story.  Vanessa was given the recipes by Bette, a housekeeper, who prided herself on only using products to clean, that she had made herself.  If you read Vanessa and Bette’s story you will see what an amazing lady she was.

Using the traditional recipes, Vanessa has developed a number of products.  These award winning products are such a wonderful find.


Mangle and Wrangler pure laundry powder. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK

Mangle and Wrangler pure laundry powder.



Would you like a Scandi style interior?  Scandinavian style, to me, sums up a calm home perfectly.

This fabulous shop, Cloudberry Living, is inspired by Scandinavia’s design heritage, which combines function, form, quality and sustainability in timeless, simplistic designs.

Established over 10 years ago, this shop was created from a passion for homes, interiors and design.  Cloudberry Living have a wide range of homeware and accessories from iconic Scandinavian brands, as well as quality products from around the world, with a Scandinavian feel.

I love the Scandinavian style, it always creates a calm and relaxed home.  This shop has everything you need to bring that feeling into your home.  Well worth a look.


Cloudberry Living carafe. Sharing independent online shops at Love Our Shops UK

Cloudberry Living carafe.


Grace and Glory Home has a beautiful collection of homeware that will suit both classic and contemporary interiors.  So many lovely things in this shop and at a wide range of prices.

Steve and Julia created the shop in 2010 after they had renovated many properties together and built up lots of experience in interior design.  In their shop they have brought together so many wonderful things (including some that are quite nostalgic), perfect for the modern period home.

So many things I want to buy from this shop.  Take a look and I think you will be shopping there with me.


Grace and Glory oak picture ledges. Sharing independent online shops at Love Our Shops UK

Grace and Glory oak picture ledges.


My home feels much calmer and more peaceful already and I haven’t even been shopping yet!  But I now have plans and ideas which is always a good start.


I have enjoyed finding these shops.  It is always a pleasure to tell you about these wonderful UK based independent shops.

Did you like my collection?  I would love to know what you think or if you know of any shops to add to this list.  

For further inspiration on calm and relaxing homes my Hygge Favourite Finds has some great shops and products.

Happy browsing…and shopping!



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Please be aware. All opinions in this blog post are mine. At the time of writing I have not received any payment or free samples from the shops mentioned apart from PFK Wellbeing who sent me a sample selection of their candles. Though I mention lots of shops here, you must form your own opinion as to whether their products are for you.

I aim to include only independently owned shops.  Sometimes it is tricky to work out if they are.  So, as far as I can tell, they are independently owned, but apologies if the odd one that is not slips into my blog post….they hide it well!