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Most Common New Years Resolutions & Things to Help You Achieve Them : Indie Edit

New Years resolutions.  Love them or hate them, the start of a new year does bring with it fresh hope and renewed sense of motivation.

Here are some of the most common New Years Resolutions.

Is yours on this list?  I bet some of them are.

Even if you don’t or haven’t yet set any, the list has a few great prompts for improving your life in some way.

This year I have realised what a resolution is (taken me a while!!).  It is a way to live your life.

Not something that is either done or it is broken.  You will see what I mean when you go through the list.

It is pretty much impossible to stick to them 100% of the time.  Life gets in the way.  Breaking them is fine and to be expected.  Breaking them, then ditching them because we fell off the wagon is where things go wrong.

We fall down, we get back up again.  This is the way I am looking at my resolutions this year.  How about you?

How many of these resolutions are on your list?  Quite a few are on mine.


Common New Years resolutions. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK

Common New Years resolutions.


Top of the list is…

The whole lose weight, eat less, do more exercise and be healthier resolution. 

On most peoples list I imagine.

A few people have said to me they are not having that resolution again!  But to me that simply means they really do have it on their list but have, as yet, not found the right solution for achieving it.

It is well and truly on my list, always is and no doubt always will be.  Nothing wrong with that.  I figure if I improve what I eat and how much exercise I do every year, that will see my health is improved every year.  So instead of beating myself up for not reaching last years weight loss or fitness target, I am still slimmer and fitter than the previous year, so all good.


Sleep more. 

It used to be 8 hours was the ultimate number of hours of sleep everyone should aim for.  Now the figure seems to be 7.  But either way, a body cannot function without a good dose of shut eye so absolutely put it on your list.  We are all different and I think we know how much is enough for us.

Creating some good habits around this area of my life is on my list.


Busy B list pad. Sharing independent online shops at Love Our Shops UK

Busy B list pad can help with creating new habits in your life.  See them on my Favourite Finds stationery selection.


Be more organised.

An extremely popular one as people try to cram more and more into their day.  However, maybe we need to flip this on it’s head and fit less and less into our day and our lives.  That way we have less to organise and all becomes manageable.

Well that is how I am looking at it this year.  I will be saying no more, ditching the clutter (which also means stop bringing clutter into the house) and put to good use all the stationery and planners I have accumulated over the years.

Take a look at my Favourite Finds for How to Get Organised.  Lots of great products to help clear the clutter, plan better and generally be more organised.  Stationery is always good too!!

Rastall & Daughters peg board. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK

Rastall & Daughters peg board. Sharing them in my Get Organised Favourite Finds



Spend more time with family and friends. 

Christmas always reminds me of how important this is.  Through out the year we all have our lives to be getting on with but we all need to stop and spend proper, enjoyable times with our nearest and dearest.

Just before Christmas I had a big birthday and as it was so near to Christmas I was struggling to decide what to do (as everywhere was already so busy) and when to do it (as everyone was already so busy).  I did not want to let the occasion pass without some celebration with the people who are important to me.  So I just went easy and simple.  Invited all my friends and family to mine for drinks and cake, for as long as they wanted to stay (as it was a school/work night).  It was brilliant.

So celebrate more, have impromptu gatherings more, play games with the children, do some weekly activity with friends, go for that coffee (or some time never arrives) and give yourself time to enjoy the company of others.

For my party I bought a few things from a couple of independent party shops.  My Favourite Finds Party Supplies blog post will help.



Pipii blue party theme. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK

Pipii blue party theme. Sharing them and other party shops.


Drink less and stop smoking. 

On the list and we all know they should be.  A tough one to crack though if you are addicted, use them to relax, a big habit or enjoy them.  No words of advice here but I wish you well with this important task.


The whole Well-being area of resolutions. 

Whether this is self care, mind health, relax more, worry less, tune in with the universe, practice faith, or whatever it is for you.  This is so important for everyone.

I believe no 2 people are the same in this area, so everyone’s requirements for ensuring internal well-being are completely different.  What works for me may have no effect on another.  But one important thing for all of us is it is up to us to create the space for ourselves in order to tend to our own well-being.  No one else can or will do it for us.

An element of this is on my list, I just need to work out how this best fits with me and my life.  It is down to me after all.

My Favourite Finds Calm and Peaceful home may help you in this area.  Along with my post on Favourite Finds Hygge Products.


PFK Wellbeing candles 01 and 04. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK

PFK Wellbeing gorgeous candles. Sharing them and other shops in my Calm Home Favourite Finds blog post.


Learn something new or take up a new past time. 

A skill, a hobby, a sport, a new language, join a club, start a club, etc etc.  So many possibilities and so little time.  Pick one and do it.

Last year on my list I had 7 things I wanted to learn, start or create.  Do you know how many I actually did?  None.

So this year I have 3, all of which seem very easy to achieve and link with my other goals.  Start a weekly walking night with my friends, get my sewing machine out (I love sewing and not done it for years), and get pedalling.  All of these tick so many boxes I would be a fool not to.  Plus I have told you now so have to do it.

To help you may find useful my Favourite Finds: Sewing and Yarn shops.


Beyond Measure. Sharing independent shops at Love Our Shops UK

Beyond Measure is a lovely shop.  Sharing them and other sewing and yarn shops on my blog.


Get outside more. 

Nature is a beautiful thing.  Fresh air, exercise, amazing views, listening to the sounds, all fabulous stuff.

I love the beach.  One of the most relaxing places in my book.  I also love woods and forests, mountains and lake sides, or even just my garden.  All wonderful yet I spend so much time indoors.  A life with more time in the open air is definitely on my list this year.

So much choice of what to do outside.  I have a Favourite Finds Get Outdoors blog post which you may find useful.


Firepits uk pizza pit. Sharing independent online shops at Love Our Shops UK

Firepits uk pizza pit. Sharing a wide range of shops to help you enjoy


Be kinder. 

To yourself, the environment and others.  A world full of kindness is one I want to live in.

Be kind to yourself links in with health, well being, relaxation and even what beauty products you use.

To the environment is all about leaving the car at home, swapping more to environmentally friendly and organic products, cutting back on plastics by swapping and recycling all that we can.

After watching the eye opening Stacey Dooley documentary on clothing production and the impact it is having on the planet, it is also about taking a good hard look at what we buy, where we buy it from and how long it stays in our lives for.  This applies to not just clothes but everything we use and have in our lives.  Up-cycling, repairing, vintage, second hand,  one quality black top instead of 5 that won’t last so long, the possibilities are endless.

Some really lovely beauty products in my Favourite Finds: Natural Beauty Products.


Little Soap Company pamper set. Sharing independent shops at Love Our Shops UK

Little Soap Company pamper set.


The last but not least…

Cut down on screen time. 

A tricky one when so much of our lives are online, but does time spent scrolling add anything to your life apart from sometimes a bit of FOMO?  Googling every little thing is not good either.  Do we really need to know everything we Google?


Me and My Shop from you to me. Sharing independent shops online at Love Our Shops UK

Independent shop from you to me have some brilliant journals for reflection and planning. Make each day count.


So there you have it.  The most common resolutions that are on a lot of people’s lists.  All worthy of being on there and if you haven’t thought up yours yet maybe this is a good start.

Instead of seeing resolutions as things that will be broken by the end of January, see them as a way to continually improve your life, and as long as you stick to them most of the time, they are not broken.

Then add some goals into the mix.  Like a holiday, get a new job, grow your business or go swimming in the sea.  These are more once their done, they are done type things and can be ticked off your list once and for all.

Making you feel good.

Resolutions just go on and on, and so they should.  Life will get in the way of them.  But don’t see them as broken, simply get back on the resolution train and keep living your life by them.  I wish you luck.



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