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Do you love beautiful jewellery?  Would you love to buy unique and special jewellery as a gift?

I have some beautiful jewellery fabulous finds for you.


Beautiful Jewellery fabulous finds Love Our Shops UK


All of these on-line jewellery shops are independently run here in the UK.  Many are designer makers and unbelievably creative.  Gorgeous!


So in no particular order, I give you….my 10 Fabulous Finds Beautiful Jewellery:


1. The Little House Shop

They are based in Cheshire and sell a lovely collection of bracelets and necklaces. They also sell lots of gifts and home accessories. I particularly love their unicorn necklace. The star necklace on a greetings card is a brilliant idea for a lovely little gift. Hooray!


2. Sophie Oliver Jewellery

Selling mostly silver jewellery. As their website says “a wonderfully feminine collection”. They certainly are. I love the idea of being able to wear the tree of life – silver and rose gold in a tree of life design.


3. Saloukee

Are you looking for a statement piece and stunning design?  Saloukee sell a number of beautifully designed collections of jewellery. Sarah Kelly is the jewellery designer. She has designed some unique pieces, all of which are handmade in her studio in Shropshire. I love them all but the stunning Purls Necklace has caught my eye. Also take a look at the Cherish collection, all cleverly made out of paper!

Beautiful jewellery from independent online shops. Shopping inspiration. Love Our Shops UK

Beautiful jewellery from independent online shops. Shopping inspiration.

4. Lisa Angel

Lisa Angel has seen me as a customer a number of times over the last few years. They make gorgeous jewellery which are perfect as thoughtful gifts. If you are a bangles and bracelets kinda girl you will be spoilt for choice. But actually the range is big, so much to choose from. Lots of personalised items too. I love the Rose Gold Boho Tassel Bracelet.


5. Alice Robson Jewellery

This is a shop I came across in a Country Living book. They sell unique and contemporary gold and silver jewellery all handcrafted and all produced in Alice’s studio in East Sussex. The inspiration for many of the pieces comes from nature and the seaside. She has an amazing collection. Featured here is the cube ring, I love it.


6. Julieann

Julieann is a family jewellery business and have been making their wonderful pieces since 2005. They sell their own beautifully hand-crafted collections. Which are just lovely. The thing that stands out for me though,  is their bridal jewellery and wedding head pieces. Their product descriptions include “fabulously elegant”, “stunning”, “delicate” and “beautiful”. These words sum them up perfectly.  These really are special.


7. Hurley Burley

Hurley Burley sell jewellery for women, men and children. They describe themselves as “a luxury jewellery and accessories company specialising in high quality products, beautifully personalised to create treasured bespoke gifts.” I couldn’t have put it better myself. This is definitely an on-line shop worth visiting. Their Personalised Heart Necklace is a piece that stands out to me but honestly I am tempted by lots on their website.

Beautiful jewellery from independent online shops. Shopping inspiration.

Beautiful jewellery from independent online shops. Shopping inspiration.

8. Ronin Gemstone Jewellery

make a lovely selection of beaded jewellery. They make them in their studio in Wales and this is how they describe it. “A studio filled with beads….people busily creating jewellery….a border collie resting in the corner.” Sounds very idyllic. I loved their colourful collections. My favourite is the Burnish range but they are all really pretty.


9. Wanderlust Life

I dare you not to fall in love with their jewellery. This collection was created by Georgie Roberts in Devon. It was her idea “to create a range of jewellery reflecting her constant desire and love to travel” that has really struck a chord with me. She describes her signature pieces as “carrying the nomadic essence of the brand”. So many great collections and she really has captured love of travel in each piece. The Amazonite range is now on my list of treats to buy. Just beautiful!


10. Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio

This jewellery collection really is beautiful. I absolutely love them. So unique. All are designed by Kate and created on the stunning coast of North Wales. They produce beautiful, delicate, handmade jewellery from modern and vintage tins. So pretty. They are also able to personalise some items. I really love the butterfly necklace.

Beautiful jewellery from independent online shops. Shopping inspiration. Love Our Shops UK

Beautiful jewellery from independent online shops. Shopping inspiration.

There are so many wonderful, independently owned jewellery shops online.

I have found it very difficult to stick to just 10! So watch this space for another jewellery fabulous finds coming soon.


What I really love about these collections is they are all so different. Many of them are handmade, many can be personalised and each has a lovely story behind what inspired the owner to start their shop. I love that.


Have I inspired you to buy a piece of jewellery to treasure?

Happy browsing…and shopping!


There are lots more Fabulous Finds to come.  For future inspiration sign up below.  I would love to send you a little note to let you know what else I find:


Please be aware.  All opinions in this article are mine. I have received no payment or free samples from any of the businesses mentioned. I am no expert in jewellery products. Though I mention lots of shops here, you must form your own opinions as to whether their products are for you.

Unique jeweller - Independent online jewellery shops

Beautiful jewellery from 10 of the best independent online shops in the UK

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