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10 Reasons Why You Should be Using Pinterest

Pinterest can help you run your life…..really!

Do you use Pinterest? Have you heard of Pinterest but don’t know what it is or how it can help you?  Or have you never even heard of Pinterest?

Here are 10 reasons why you should be using Pinterest.


Why you should be using Pinterest

10 Reasons why you should be using Pinterest Love Our Shops UK

Pinterest is fantastic….I love it. I use it all the time.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a place to search for things you are interested in then to store what you find.

I use it to find out about things.

I use it for ideas, inspiration and research.

I use it for fun and relaxation.

I use it to learn.


How Can I Use Pinterest?

There are lots of ways it can help you in life and make your time online more inspiring and more organised.

I have 10 ways Pinterest can help you with your life and so 10 reasons why you should be using it.

But first what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like a pin board.

Imagine you have a board on your wall that you pin clippings from magazines to. That is Pinterest.

Your screen is your board and your clippings are the links for websites, articles and ideas you “pin” to your board.

So for example, I may have a board called Bags I Want to Sew. To that board I would simply add the link for the idea I have just seen on a website. Magically the link pulls through the image and there it is on my board for future reference. Brilliant!

You can have lots of boards and some can be secret, some you may be happy to share with others.

Why bother? Because it is fun, useful, helpful, teaches you things and inspires ideas.


Here are the top 10 ways Pinterest can help you with your daily life:


1. As a bookmark.

You find a great article, ideas for things to make or a website you want to remember at a later date.

Just pin it to a relevant board you have created. Then you can easily find it again. Saves so much time and brain space (and if you are anything like me post-it notes).


2. To learn. You can find out so much on Pinterest.

Once you start looking at a particular subject there are lots of other very relevant pins to read and learn even more.  You can pin them for future reference, just search and read or follow others boards on the subject.  Any new content on this subject can also appear in your feed.

3. Inspiration.

Do you have a pile of paperwork which needs sorting? Search on Pinterest “how to organise my paperwork”. Prepare to be inspired.

Or search “10 min workout”.  Keep these on your workout board and try them out.  Follow a workout board.

Or just type in “bathroom” and I promise you will be planning your new dream bathroom.


4. As a search engine.

Often I find searching on Pinterest brings up what I am looking for better than Google.

For example searching for “green smoothies” in Google brings up lots of places to maybe click on for what you want.

Pinterest shows you the exact smoothie and a description so even before you click on the image you have a good idea it will be what you are looking for.  Then you can save the relevant images to your board if you see something you like.


5. Follow other peoples boards who like what you like.

This makes searching, learning, ideas, research and inspiration come straight to you. Other people are doing all the hard work by looking for what you are interested in, all you have to do is look and learn.


6. Ideas and research.

I use it for this all the time.

For instance type in “fat quarter” and you get so many lovely ideas (only if you are a sewer will you know what I am talking about!).

Or a childs birthday party theme. You get ideas for cake, games, party bags etc.

Or what herbs should I grow…you get a great list.

Then you can pin it all to your board.


7. Connect with others who like what you like.

You can do this in lots of ways.

You can share boards of interest with people you know. You can share boards of interest with people you don’t know but like the same thing as you. You can message people. You can have group boards where you can all pin to it.  You can follow others boards and re-pin their pins.

Great way to share ideas and interests.


8. Fun and relaxing.

This is the important bit. It is really enjoyable.  Because you learning or getting ideas and inspiration, it does not feel fruitless, like when nosing at someones feed on other social media platforms.


9. Retail therapy.

Pinterest helps with shopping and finding what it is you want to buy. Even if all you are doing is browsing.  It is perfect for this.

Trying to find the perfect beach bag or want to buy organic beauty products.  This is a great place to do your browsing.


10. Getting organised.

No more bits of notes, post-its or disorganised mess when trying to plan something.  No more losing the perfect bag you spotted on a website 2 weeks ago.  No more losing those gift buying ideas or how to use a bullet journal idea.

Holidays is a perfect example. You can plan where to go, how to get there, what to do when you are there, where to eat etc. All on one board.  Then because you can have the Pinterest app on your phone, you can take all this information with you on holiday.


What do you think? Going to give Pinterest a try?

Let me know how you get on.

In the mean time. I wish you lots of lovely moments in life.



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