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About us

Do you love shopping online?

Would you like to be able to find out about all the unique, individual, independent shops online?  Instead of always turning to the high street names or the big online market places.

Would you like a place online to get some enjoyable retail therapy?  A place to get some real inspiration behind your online shopping.

If you said yes!  Then Love Our Shops UK is for you.

I am on a mission to find all the UK shops online that are independently owned, have bags of personality, are unique and sell great products whilst offering great customer service.

One website where you can easily find independent online shops.

As a nation, our online shopping is increasing at a rapid rate year on year.  As a result, there are lots of fabulous independent online shops being run in the UK.  Small, friendly, personable and all-round lovely little shops, owned by very passionate and friendly shop keepers.  Shopping with them is a very enjoyable shopping experience.

But they are so hard to find.  I aim to solve that.

I have created Love Our Shops UK so you can easily find those wonderful little shops, that sell exactly what you are looking for and do it with personality and passion.  They are unique, special, and offer great customer service.  They offer a level of care only independent shops seem to be able to do.


What is Love Our Shops UK?

Retail therapy online.  Shopping inspiration.

I share shopping inspiration through my Fabulous Finds blog posts, Self Care ideas through my For the Love of ME! blog posts, and I am setting up a directory featuring the best independent online stores, all based in the UK.  Each shop featured is unique in its own special way.  I don’t just feature any old shop!

My vision

My vision is to create an online high street full of gorgeous unique shops.  Where you can browse the shop windows and then decide if you want to visit the store.  You get to know the shops, like them (as they are all run by really lovely owners) and above all trust them to deliver great products and fabulous service.

Shopping should be enjoyable, indulgent, easy and personable.  Plus a whole lot of inspiration!

My mission

My mission is easy – help shoppers find unique, independent online shops being run right here in the UK.

The aim of the game (so to speak) is to allow you to browse the shops easily and give you enough information for you to decide if they offer what you are looking for.  You can have a little nosey at the shop, the owner (a very interesting person) and what they sell.  If you like what you see, you simply click to visit their website and my job is done.  Until you want to browse for the next shop to visit.  Easy!  And very enjoyable too.

Love Our Shops UK includes a wide range of shop categories; food, hobbies, sports, gifts, homeware, fashion, beauty and lots more.  And I am continually adding new shops and categories all the time.  I am always (and I mean always) on the lookout for more and more shops as there are so many fabulous ones out there.

The second part of my mission is to help UK independent online shops be successful.

Shopping Local – is really, really important

Love Our Shops UK is a directory and a blog, it is not a market place.  So every penny you spend with these shops goes to them and not us.  Which in turn goes directly into their local economy, whether that be a pretty village, a lovely town or a vibrant city.  The money goes into the UK and goes into the local communities of the UK.  Whichever way you look at it, that is definitely a good thing.  And you would be surprised how many of these shops are being run from someone’s converted garage or belong to a lovely independent store being run on a local high street.

Anything else?

Self Care!  I am on a mission to get more me time and self care into my life.

Which is why I am sharing what I find out on my blog as you may be on this journey too.

I love being social and talking about what these shops have to offer you.  I love chatting about the owners, the fantastic products and lots of other shopping topics.  I find social media is a fab place to hang out and a great place to find people who are interested in the same things you are, plus I find lots of ideas for self care.   I post, pin and tweet and would love to meet you online.

If you want to read more about our shops and to see self care articles, check out my blog.

For a bit of Shop Talk head over to my shop talk blog page.

Written especially for independent online shop owners and wannabe shop owners.  Lots of tips and advice from my 9 years experience of running an independent online shop.

Got a comment or a question (or just to chat)?

I would really love to know what you think.  Would you like a burning question answered.  Then feel free to email me

Love Our Shops UK has a testimonial page.  So you can see what others think about the directory, the blog and the shops featured.  Your comments would be very much appreciated too.

Want to be in the know?

I send out regular updates about what is happening here, shops I have found, lovely products, self care blog posts and special offers from the shops.  Plus if you are on the email list you are in with a chance of winning a prize!!


I also send out a regular shop talk updates too.  It is a good way to find out what is going on in the independent online stores community plus get some tips on running an independent online shop.

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Want to know more about me the owner and founder of Love Our Shops UK?

Barbara Steadman Owner of Love Our Shops UK

Barbara Steadman Owner of Love Our Shops UK

Barbara’s Story….

Love Our Shops UK has been created by Barbara Steadman following the failure of a Christmas shopping mission.  She set herself the challenge of doing all her online Christmas gift shopping at only independently owned online stores.  She wanted to shop local i.e. in the UK, but online.  This meant no giving money to the big market places who cream off a big percentage before the seller gets what’s left.  Or buying from any big online store whose income may or may not stay in the UK.

Sadly, apart from a few purchases, Barbara failed.  Not because the shops aren’t out there but because she could not easily find them.  After many searches online and no other easy way to find them she gave up.

This led to the idea of creating an online directory which will showcase these wonderful stores, and so Love Our Shops UK was born.

Barbara had been running her own successful online store for 9 years .  So looking from the shop owner’s perspective also, she thought a directory would be a fabulous idea. Developing a community of online store shop keepers is a key element of Love Our Shops UK.  One that is sharing both advice and supportive.  Bringing them all together benefits both the shoppers and the shops.

Barbara lives in a small village in Shropshire, a beautiful part of the country.

She is a qualified accountant working in the business world.  She lived a number of years in London having spent the majority of her working career in senior roles in the corporate and exciting world of Gillette.  Her last role in a “proper job” was as a Finance Director and left there to pursue her love of online retail.

Her family, and very big doggy, keep her company and she is often heard saying “That is so lovely” about pretty much most things. She is always busy (aren’t we all) and is on a mission to get more self care into her life.

She can’t wait to share her passion for the independent online shopping world.


I hope you enjoy Love Our Shops UK, I made it for you (and selfishly for me too!).

Best Wishes